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Not all users know that the CS.MONEY website has a very cool thing – 3D Viewer, which is the best tool for working with stickers and skins. This is also an excellent testing ground for all kinds of comparisons and inspections of CS:GO skins.

CS.MONEY tells how and why to use 3D Viewer when buying, selling, or trading up skins.

Where to find 3D Viewer and how to use it?

You can find it by following the direct link or by clicking the “3D View” button when you inspect a skin on the site. The viewer interface with the selected skin will open in a new window.

The skin will be placed in the middle of the screen. It can be rotated in every possible way to inspect even the smallest details. In the bottom left corner you will find the key information about the skin: the name, condition, and Float Value. Above it is the menu for selecting the background.

The right side of the screen is occupied by the configuration interface, which you can use to select a skin, put stickers on it, enable auto-rotation, adjust the pattern index, and change Float Value. Here you can also switch from one skin to any other.

Why do I need this, when I can see all the skins in-game?

Yes, you can inspect skins in-game, but only one skin at a time and without the ability to rotate it along the vertical axis. Apparently Valve, unlike us, is limited in some technologies. 

The ability to rotate a skin is useful before buying for example AK-47 | Case Hardened. In CS:GO, it is impossible to look at the top side of the weapon, and in 3D Viewer it is literally one slight movement of the mouse.

And you can not only rotate skins by hand. It is possible to activate the auto-rotation function to record a beautiful video, and you can even activate animations. For example, for AK-47 | Redline the following animation modes are available: inspect, draw, reload, and fire. Therefore, in 3D Viewer you can see all the in-game animations! 

What else can this thing do?

3D Viewer can instantly change the pattern index and Float Value. In just a few seconds you can see how the appearance of AWP | Neo-Noir changes at increasing levels of wear. Spoiler: the skin almost doesn’t lose its appeal.

Changing the pattern index works exactly the same way. In a few clicks a completely purple Galil AR| Sandstorm #583 turns into a completely beige #555. 

Changes the patterns, and so what?  

The right menu has another tab – stickers. And, as you have already guessed, it is responsible for trying on stickers on a gun. You can choose various stickers and put them on one of the four slots. In CS:GO, this will not work as in-game you can only preview one sticker at a time.

To make it even more convenient, we added an option to filter stickers by color. If you want to decorate AK-47 | Redline with red stickers, it takes you only one click to pick the desired color and see all the stickers in this color scheme.

Another important feature of the viewer is the ability to scrape stickers. In the 3D Viewer they will wear out in real-time mode on a selected skin, which is absolutely impossible in-game where you can scrape a sticker only after you have put in on. Oh, those technological limitations!

To sum up 3D Viewer is a very cool thing and the best tool for any trader or skin lover. It gives you the opportunity to get the most detailed information about the skin that you want to buy or trade up. Enjoy it and have a good trade!


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