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Five Best Dual Berettas Skins

5 Mar. 2021

That dual-wield style with one pistol in each hand looks too awesome not to try it out. Fortunately, it’s possible in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Just buy those Dual Berettas and start wreaking havoc. 

And while you’re mentally performing that ace with five headshots, CS.MONEY is going to tell you about the five coolest Dual Berettas skins.

Dual Berettas Cobra Strike

You’ll barely find a pair of pistols that better explores the topic of snakes. A cobra on the grip, a poison capsule on the barrel, and a scales pattern — those are all nothing short of breathtaking. Despite this seeming overabundance of elements, Dual Berettas Cobra Strike is by no means gaudy. On the contrary, the dark color palette nicely accentuates those elements and keeps them from merging into a splodge of paint.

This stylish item doesn’t come cheap though: you’ll have to pay around 20 dollars for a minimal-wear copy. But if you really like to play with these pistols, this skin should definitely be part of your inventory.

Dual Berettas Twin Turbo

Beretta is an Italian company. And Italy, in turn, is known not only for its pizza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a noble salad named Caesar. They also happen to produce great cars which sometimes end up on the racetrack or the rally stage. These are the kind of cars the creators of the Dual Berettas Twin Turbo drew inspiration from.  

Sponsor logos, sporty coloring, and a number on the grip — it’s a genuine race car for your rush! Incidentally, you’ll only have to pay 10 bucks for a minimal-wear item. Unbelievably low. 

Dual Berettas Balance

Another phenomenon related to the image of Italy is, of course, the Mafia. The most (in)famous and serious type of organized crime with its own code of honor and an easily recognizable style. Dual Berettas Balance looks like the ultimate weapon of a mafia member. Just look at that engraving!

Amazingly, to feel like a badass mafia guy only costs a dollar. Dual Berettas Balance is a decent budget skin. 

Dual Berettas Emerald

For now, let’s leave the topic of Italy as represented in pop culture. Dual Berettas Emerald is just a couple of pistols in green punctuated by steel-colored elements. An appealing and relaxed skin for those into green. Why not?  

It costs relatively much. To add it to your loadout, you’ll have to fork out seven dollars.

Dual Berettas Elite 1.6

It goes without saying that a top selection of Berettas skins has to contain Dual Berettas Elite 1.6. This skin is so similar to those dark guns from 1.6. If you happen to remember Counter-Strike 1.6, you’ll be certain to get immediately washed over by nostalgia. For everyone else, it’s just two dark guns with an “Elite” inscription on the side. 

Reliving the good ol’ days with this elite equipment costs mere pennies — we won’t even name the price. Just visit us at CS.MONEY and see how cheap skins can be!

5 Mar. 2021

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