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Best USP-S Skins

2 Apr. 2021

The USP-S is one of two defence starting pistols. It was added to the game on August 14, 2013. Despite the smaller ammo capacity, many pros and skillful players prefer the USP-S over the P2000. The presence of a silencer and high firing accuracy compensate for all other disadvantages.

Since its appearance in the game, more than two dozen skins for this pistol have appeared. They are very different — from the usual camouflage color to futuristic patterns and noir paintings. In addition to the appearance, the price is also different. For the rarest skins you will have to pay about a hundred dollars, or even more!

USP-S Monster Mashup

USP-S Monster Mashup

The vibrant, acidic, and even somewhat toxic USP-S Monster Mashup arrived in the game not too long ago, along with the Broken Fang collection. The moment it was released, it gained immediate fame.

The sources of its popularity are its unrivalled beauty and abundance of details. The dark-blue silencer is covered with scratched patterns of cartoon characters. In the center of the gun is a bright-green crocodile-like monster, whose tongue runs down the trigger. All in all, a great gun for those into everything vivid, Harley Quinn, and cartoons.

The price ranges between $5.50 (for battle-scarred specimens) and $26 (for factory-new copies). This USP-S also has a StatTrak™ version, for which you’ll have to pay between $10 and $87.

USP-S Flashback

The Forbidden Zone collection, released in 2018, brought us USP-S Flashback. Even a factory-new copy of this device looks field-tested, yet it doesn’t look like a downside. Contrariwise: combined with the inscriptions, it serves to contribute to the skin’s authenticity. 

If you are a fan of M4A1-S Flashback, this gun is what the doctor ordered for your inventory. And just like with the M4, the price is rather low too. For different float versions, you’ll have to pay about $1.5. For the frag counter edition, you’ll need $4.5 to $6.

USP-S Lead Conduit

The USP-S Lead Conduit was presented to us back in 2016 in the Wildflame collection, but still hasn’t lost its popularity. Two factors contributed to this. The first one is its cool looks. The second, its low price.  

The gun’s grip is executed in dark olive with a black pad. Its main attraction is the intricate engraved pattern consisting of broken zippers and various curls. Note also that while the skin will darken as the float increases, it won’t lose its cool look. 

If you dig Glock-18 Royal Legion or have it in your collection, USP-S Lead Conduit is a great alternative for special forces. The price of the device ranges between 1 and 4 dollars. To buy its StatTrak™ counterpart, you’ll need between $4 and $14.

USP-S Cortex

This device has been part of the game for over three years now — and hasn’t lost one bit of its popularity. We’ve known USP-S Cortex since the Welcome to the Clutch update, when it was introduced to us along with the Clutch collection.

Thanks to its soft pink palette as well as the beautiful and curious (a great combo) pattern, this USP-S is rather well-known. The grip depicts a skeleton whose brain fills the slide and the silencer. On the silencer, it turns into the inscription USP

Fans of cartoon characters and soft pink shades should definitely consider buying this device. Notably, the pink pattern barely changes as the quality deteriorates.

The price ranges between $4 and $18 for the basic edition; the StatTrak™ version costs $10 to $43.

USP-S Caiman

You’ll hardly find a player who’s never seen this skin. The incredibly popular USP-S Caiman came out back in 2014 as part of the Huntsman collection. From the very beginning, it gained intense popularity in the community — and managed to preserve it until now.

USP-S Caiman boasts a strict minimalistic look. In the center of the gun is a dark-purple caiman head, and the grip has an orange insert that represents the reptile’s eye.In case you didn’t know: caimans are the oldest inhabitants of our planet that belong to the family of alligators. Their appearance has remained almost unchanged since time immemorial. For the USP-S Caiman, you’ll pay from $12 to $27. The StatTrak™ version will cost $26 to $59.

USP-S Neo-Noir

Dedicated to all fans of neo-noir esthetics. USP-S Neo-Noir was released back in 2017 along with the Spectrum collection. It was the first of the three skins in the series; the other two were released later.

The gun is executed in a neo-noir comic style. The main ornament of the skin is the long-haired girl drawn with four colors and shades. Even with a float of 0.45, the girl remains clearly visible, which may appeal to the players on a budget.

The price starts at $18 and ends at $65. For StatTrak™ technology, you’ll have to fork out between $37 and $198.

USP-S Kill Confirmed

I can definitely call USP-S Kill Confirmed my fav. Even though the gun’s been in the game since 2015, it’s still extremely popular among both casual and top players — and continues to gain new fans. The pros who use it include xsepower and kNgv.
The skin depicts a skull pierced by a flying bullet — and a huge amount of blood. The skin boasts a vivid color palette and a memorable look. And while gun can’t be called a budget option, it’s definitely worth the price.

Battle-scarred items cost $53, and factory-new copies almost $200. There’s also a StatTrak™ version, its price ranging from $133 to $712.

2 Apr. 2021

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