Cheap AWP Skins. A baker’s dozen each less than $10


AWP due to its lethal force is one of the most popular rifles in CS GO. One shot weapon is all that you need for a good match (just don’t forget that cs go training makes perfect). 

That’s why AWP skins have a decent part of any inventory cost. We’ve decided to make your cheap skins for AWP search a little easier.

And the first one in our list is the cheapest of all.

1. AWP | Pit Viper – “Minimal wear”

AWP | Pit Viper

Here’s the cheapest AWP skins of all. Just for $1,01 you get the best condition of this skin possible. It’s soothing shades of green excel this skin from all the other AWP skins.

And it is also perfectly good for a nice dazzle paint inventory.

2. AWP | Worm God – “Factory New”

AWP | Worm God – “Factory New”

On this skin you get a chic white and olive gradient, olive roots, and the skull that you’d expect on a more expensive rifle. How much does AWP | Worm God cost? You won’t believe it! Just $2.21 for “Factory New” one. It’s a bargain in our opinion.

3. AWP | Safari Mesh – “Factory New”

AWP | Safari Mesh – “Factory New”

AWP | Safari Mesh was the cheapest skin you could get for a long time. This skin in “Field-Tested” condition costs only 11 cents. Try to find any AWP skin cheaper.

We suggest you to buy a “Factory New” one. The price is also nice – $2.63.

4. AWP | Elite Build – “Battle scarred”

AWP | Elite Build – Battle scarred

Probably you think we’re going slightly mad. AWP | Elite Build is a pretty cool skin. And you checked its price at least once, that’s for sure. And the price was much higher than $10.

There’s a trick with this one. The difference between “Factory New” and “Battle Scarred” condition is minimal. So don’t pay more than you need. Enjoy the price of $3.76.

You can surely buy the “Factory New” if you want to show-off . But then you’ll have to pay $15.47. Or you can be wiser and get a “Battle Scarred” with StatTrak™ for 22 cents less than the “Factory New” without one.

Ok. We’ve got distracted. Our maximum price today is $10.

5. AWP | Capillary – Any Condition

AWP | Capillary

Yep. You got it right. The Float Value doesn’t matter this time. There are some scuffs in conditions worse than “Factory New” but none of them touches the image of blood vessels.

So you can choose from $0.75 for “Battle Scarred” Capillary to $4.75 for “Factory New” one.

As in the case of AWP | Elite Build you can choose a “Battle Scarred” skin with StatTrack™ and it will cost only $3.42.

6. AWP | Atheris – “Minimal wear”

Вы не замечали, что у лучших и самых дорогих скинов на корпусах винтовок всегда изображено атакующее существо?

AWP | Atheris

Did you notice that all the best and most expensive AWP skins have always an attacking creature on them? 

Like the AWP | Lore, AWP | Medusa with its attacking snake hair, the assailant phoenix of the AWP | Wildfire, a gorgeous in its wrath the AWP | Hyper Beast. And now is Atheris.

The main difference here is that you can afford the AWP | Atheris for just $5.07 in the “Minimal wear” condition. No worries, the image in this condition is still clear and bright.

7. AWP | Acheron – “Factory New”

Everybody likes skulls don’t they? Don’t you? Are u sure you’re not chinese? We’ll tell you that story about China skull skins later. We promise. 

No doubt AWP | Acheron is a grim skin. But just look at this detailed pattern! You will charge into the battle like a grim reaper in the flesh.

AWP | Acheron

And the price is also very nice. $5.87. But we strongly recommend excluding saving this time. AWP | Acheron loses all its pattern in the “Battle-Scarred” condition.

8. AWP | Mortis – “Factory New”

AWP | Mortis

Yes, we love skulls.

The thirteen Tarot Arcane, “Death” is depicted on this rifle. AWP | Mortis is a part of the “Tarot collection” of the 2minds studio. We told you about it already.

Death on a skeleton horse in a golden halo evokes thoughts of a jolly Latin holiday, The Day of The Dead,  El Día de Muertos if you prefer (Have you seen the cartoon? It’s awesome!) All the pattern shows that AWP is a truly deadly weapon.

Let’s be honest. This gun looks more expensive then its price of $6.31.

9. AWP | Sun in Leo – “Factory New” 

AWP | Sun in Leo

AWP | Sun in Leo is a great skin. Some people would say that it’s dull, but the price of $6.94 for a “Factory New” one is just perfect in our opinion. 

10. AWP | Corticera – “Minimal wear”

AWP | Corticera

You can think of purchasing AWP | Medusa if money burns in your pocket but listen here. Look at this skin. AWP | Corticera is a perfect balance of price and beauty. And the pattern doesn’t fade but just darkens with the increasing of the Float Value. So you can choose between “Minimal Wear” skin that will cost $7.64 and a “Field-Tested” one for $7.44.

By the way, here are some nice team stickers for AWP | Corticera, in case you’re a sticker bombing fan.

All of them will look good on this skin. And the price is very nice for all of them except for the last ones.

11. AWP | Fever Dream – “Factory New”

AWP | Fever Dream

It looks like a strange child was given a box of coloured chalk and this rifle. So he had free time and painted what he managed. And it turned out great, in our opinion!

We also like the inscriptions “Living Dead” and #Headshot on it.

We’re sure that you will love the price as much as we do. $8.07 for a “Factory New” one.

12. AWP | Phobos – “Factory New”

AWP | Phobos

And here’s the first StatTrak™ of this list. Spoiler: it’s not the only one.

AWP | Phobos was inspired by the “Blade Runner” movie. (We are not snobs at all but we think that the only true “Blade Runner” is the first one. Even if we’re talking about the happy-end 1982 version. In case you didn’t know, there is another, 1992, version, the directors cut with an opened ending. Totally worth seeing!)

So. AWP | Phobos is a cool laser gun for $8.42 for a “Factory New” one. With StatTrak™. What else you could wish for?

13. AWP | PAW – “Minimal wear”


We’re lucky. Here’s another one StatTrak™.

We hope that ya all are nice kittens and will never tell “good thing i have PAWs and i can’t shoot” to your team. It’s a great adding to any loadout! PAW is cool, PAW is cute, PAW is cheap! “Minimal Wear” StatTrak™ PAW will cost you only $9.69.

That was our cheap AWP skins list.

You will find all the best deals only on CS.MONEY!


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