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China vs. the World: How Skins Are Changed for Chinese Market

21 Sep. 2020

There are two versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: the regular one and the Perfect World. The second version is only available to China-based players and has many modified skins compared to the usual version. CS.MONEY here to tell you which changes skins undergo for the Chinese market.

No Skulls or Stars

It’s common knowledge that in China, media censorship is no less than brutal. World of Warcraft developers had to replace the design of entire locations so that the game was allowed in China. Skeletons, skulls, torn flesh, and any other objects related to doomsday or zombie apocalypse — all of these are under the ban.

As to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in addition to the afore-mentioned skulls, the post-Soviet space maps were changed as well, Cache and Train in particular. Sickles and hammers, red stars, and other symbols were removed from them. Even the smallest of details were removed, for example, watches at the defense spawn on the Cache map.

Unexpectedly, the attack players’ models on the Inferno map were also changed. The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive changed the shirt stripe: instead of the golden star, there is now a bolt of golden lightning there.

Gas Masks! Gas Masks Everywhere!

For the Chinese version of the game, almost all the skins that contained images of skulls were changed. Most of the time, they’re simply covered with gas masks! So is the case with the AWP Worm God, for example. Or with the P250 Cartel. The latter now contains some kind of Illuminati eye instead of the “traditional” painted skull.

The most famous skin that was remade for China is the USP-S Kill Confirmed. The skull was replaced by a robot head, and the blood was re-painted blue. This skin looks very interesting.

USP-S Kill Confirmed

Many users of the regular game version would be happy to swap their USP for its Chinese counterpart.

Paws, Muzzles & Visors

But there are also more curious specimens. While there’s the skull of an animal painted on the “regular” Bloodhound Gloves, Chinese players see a cute-looking dog footprint instead! As a result, the harsh and masculine blood-red gloves covered with spikes suddenly turned into an accessory for dogs and paws lovers.

Bloodhound Gloves

For the UMP-45 Primal Saber, skin-makers had to turn back time. In the usual version of the game, a skull with huge fangs is drawn on the sides of this gun.

UMP-45 Primal Saber

Chinese players see the head of a saber-toothed tiger or something along these lines. It’s hard to tell which version looks cooler.  

M4A4 Desolate Space

The M4A4 Desolate Space picture was reworked in a rather remarkable fashion. In the regular version of the game, we see a skeleton in a spacesuit; in the Perfect World, it’s just a lowered visor. The gloomy message of the original is preserved, however — the spacesuit visor is covered with cracks, clearly indicating the unfortunate fate of the astronaut.

We’d like to note that most of the skins were reworked in a very creative way. The muzzle of a tiger painted over a skull, more layers of bandage carefully added to a mummy’s face, the occasional little devils on the rifle butt — all of these are examples of how a skin can be redone creatively. 

Which versions of the skins did you like better — regular or Chinese?

21 Sep. 2020

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