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Doubles for Katowice

25 Mar. 2021

In cinema, they have the so-called doubles (body doubles). Normally, it’s a stuntman who performs all the dangerous actions and receives all the rough blows. CS.MONEY wondered: can we find doubles for the Katowice Major stickers? Let’s roll!  

What for?

EMS Katowice 2014 stickers are genuine relics. They are few, they appeared a long time ago, there won’t be more of them, and their price is only increasing. Applying these stickers is a real flex. Even the cheapest ones cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

At the same time, Katowice Major stickers have a very laconic design. The name and logo of the tournament look very neat and thus would make a perfect match for almost any skin. That’s what inspired us to try and look for possible ways to replace the most expensive stickers in the game.  

Scraping StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 and RMR 2020 stickers

Our first double option is the stickers from the Berlin Major. They have a very nice feature about them: when you try to scrape them, the first thing that fades is the background, and the logo remains until the last. This makes it very easy to make the Berlin Major stickers as laconic as the legendary Katowice stickers. 

However, the method has one major flaw. The composition of participants in Berlin was considerably different from that in Katowice. While reproducing Natus Vincere or mousesports stickers will be easy, fnatic and will pose difficulties. 

To deal with those, you can do the same trick with scraping, only with RMR 2020 stickers this time. Naturally, the difference in design will be striking: the aforementioned teams have changed the logo. Still, the strictness of the design remains.

Using stickers from the first Majors

There’s another problem with Katowice 2014 stickers. Half of the teams that partook in that tournament are now inactive at best. Simply put: stickers with the Titan logo weren’t released during the Berlin major. Only the old stickers remained. 

awp graphite

In certain cases, things are truly sad. Reason Gaming stickers were only released for Katowice in 2014. Yet some of the teams did participate in the next Major tournaments. As a consequence, the game features stickers with prices measured in tens of thousands of bucks rather than just thousands. 

For example, the LGB eSports Katowice 2015 sticker costs about fifty dollars. The sticker of the same team from Katowice 2014 is “only” fifteen times more expensive. The same applies to stickers of other teams: Titan, 3DMAX, Team, Vox Eminor, and iBUYPOWER. 

Searching for skins with sticker streaks

It’s common knowledge that stickers are cheaper when applied to a skin compared to those sold separately. Except in special cases, a skin with a ready EMS Katowice 2014 sticker streak will be cheaper than the skin plus the stickers bought separately. 

csmoney search

The search on our website makes it extremely easy to find skins with the needed stickers. Just enter the name of the sticker and scroll down the drop-down list. There, you can select only stickers on weapons. A most convenient tool that helps you save a hundred dollars or more on each sticker. 

Katowice 2014 stickers are a very rare and expensive item. We dig them. The simple and neat design still looks good, even after seven years. We tried to find replacements for these stickers and eventually came up with as many as three scenarios. Which one do you think is the best? Tell us in the comments.

25 Mar. 2021

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