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Full CSGO Patterns Guide

7 Jan. 2021

Rare pattern. If you ever took an interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins, you have definitely heard this phrase. But do you know what it means?

CS.MONEY here to help you figure out. 

What Is a Pattern?

CS:GO skins consist of several elements. With the weapon’s model is taken as a basis, the gun is then “enveloped” in a special picture. A couple more tricks such as normal maps are also used in the process, but it’s the picture we’re interested in today.

Roughly speaking, all skins can be divided into two large categories pattern-wise. The first one includes those that always look the same — regardless of the pattern number. For example, let’s take two AK-47 Asiimovs. One has a 316 pattern and the other a 656. These numbers are taken randomly, they could’ve equally been 1 and 999. There won’t be any difference either way. All AK-47 Asiimovs have the same pattern, only the wear-caused scuffs differ.

The second category consists of skins which vary depending on the pattern number. If you take two AKs again, but this time from Case Hardened, you’ll notice the difference right away! The same values, 316 and 656, will correspond to two different skins. The first one is almost entirely golden, and the second one has a huge blue spot above the magazine!

Pattern Number

Every skin in the game has a pattern number. From 1 to 999. This value is assigned to the skin when it’s created. Whether it’s a result of crafting, a case skin, or a post-match drop, the game will choose and assign the pattern number randomly. The number defines what part of the image (skin) will be used.

You can’t change the pattern number. Application of stickers, purchase, sale, exchange, or any other action won’t affect the number in any way. Again, the pattern only differs for some skins, whereas many of the game’s weapon models look the same regardless of the pattern number. 

If you’re wondering if a particular skin has any patterns at all, which ones are rare, and what they look like, you can find all this information on our wiki page. Be sure to visit it!

Rare Patterns

Because patterns are assigned randomly, some skins have more attractive patterns than others. The hypest example is blue gem, Case Hardened skins that have the most of blue color.

Such skins may cost quite a bit. For instance, an entirely blue Karambit was once sold for more than 100,000 dollars! Every rare pattern has collectible value. Rare pattern skins are much more expensive, and some are badly wanted like Wild West criminals.

There are other skins with rare patterns apart from Case Hardened. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which are rare and which aren’t. For example, what kind of webs on Crimson Web is valued more: big or small? You can’t answer this question right away without relevant experience. 

On our website, we have special filters that can help you display only rare patterns in case you want one of them or if you’re planning on investment and becoming a successful trader. By the way, be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages. There, we often talk about unique items of the game and on our website.

7 Jan. 2021

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