M4A4 v. M4A1-S


Special forces have a choice of 4 automatic assault rifles: the cheap FAMAS, the expensive AUG that, however, has a scope, and a couple of assault rifles in the middle: M4A4 and M4A1-S.

The latter two are the main weapons for defense. Expensive and less damaging than AK-47, these two smoking barrels still do the job well, although they are very demanding in terms of skill.

The economics

In order for balance to be maintained, all automatic weapons are more expensive than their counterparts used on the attacking side. While a T will throw away $1050 and joyfully bounce toward the B-plant, a special forces operative has to part in agony with $1250 in order to buy an M9. It’s the same with assault rifles. A mighty AK will cost $2500 but an M4 will cost $3100. Quite a difference.

Despite expensiveness, the defending side will be able to pull off a good buy in the third round, after getting defeated in the pistol round and given that they go for a complete eco in the second one. $4500, which is what CTs will have, is enough to buy armor, an M4, a flash, and a smoke grenade. Not rich, but considering that AK kills with a headshot in the helmet, it’s a buy worth going for.

Thus, in the 3rd round, both teams will be able to afford approximately the same shopping spree. The difference in terms of costs will amount to about $50. That’s exactly how much cheaper the standard set is to buy for the attacking side. However, one of the players for CTs will have to sacrifice an assault rifle for a defusal kit: it plays much too important a role in rounds with installed C4.

Even given good economics, acquiring an M4 is really financially unpleasant and replacing it with FAMAS is not an option. The latter not only provides lower damage but also the precise shooting distance is almost twice as low: 14 meters with FAMAS as opposed to 28 with M4. With characteristics like that playing for the defense effectively and defending corners won’t work. The only way out is constantly saving money so that by the beginning of the next round you have at least $4250.


M4A4 and M4A1-S both cause 33 points of damage. However, because of the different tempo of shooting, M4A4 has 10% higher damage per second than its colleague. Only 70% of damage goes through armor in both cases. That means that a headshot will cause 131 damage, but a helmet hit will only cause -92.

Shots to the chest and armor will only cause the player 23 damage. That’s not enough to kill with 4 shots (like the AK does). That means that one short burst at the center mass won’t be enough to send the enemy respawning. That is such a known occurrence that there is even a meme that goes “88 in 4 hits”, which is directly associated with the main problems M4 assault rifles have, which is low armor penetration.

M4, like other assault rifles, can handle shooting through thin and fragile obstacles. However, bricks, concrete, or walls are a problem. Unlike AK, M4 doesn’t deal with them too well. Often when shooting through these damage caused will be a ridiculous 3-4 points.


M4s are a relatively precise weapon. In the category of automatic assault rifles, they are worse than AUG and SG553 but better than all the rest. Their main competition, AK47, is guaranteed to hit the nail on the head at 20 meters. At the same time, M4A4 is capable of making a hole in the head at a distance of almost 28 meters and M4A1-S is capable of repeating a stunt like that with a silencer attached at 28.5 meters.

These are fine specs that allow CTs to fight at a distance, forcing their terms onto the Ts, which are inconvenient for the latter. Considering that CTs don’t have to open up and push, the distance M4 can provide is a serious argument in its favor.

Besides that, we have to point out the grouping of shots and recoil. The first three shots from M4A4 and M4A1-S arrive very close to each other. Because of that, a short burst in the head at a middle or close distance allows you to land several headshots at once. That is more difficult than a one-tap from AK. However, that grouping capability allows the defensive players to use this gun supremely effectively for defense.

Silencer and ammo

Besides speed bursts, M4A4 and M4A1-S are radically different in terms of the silencer. M4A1-S, as follows from the name, allows the use of a silencer. It not only makes the shots significantly quieter but also conceals bullet traces. That allows for safe work in the smoke and more effective flanking.

M4A4 is missing a silencer, but there is a lot of ammo. There are 30 rounds in the magazine and 90 at hand compared to 25/75 when it comes to M4A1-S. Thanks to additional ammo, M4A4 allows shooting through stuff more and generally playing more aggressively. When it comes to everything else, the two are identical, so choices have to be made based on the player’s style.

Both of these weapons are demanding but in exchange, they provide mobility and precision, which is higher than those AK-47 and the others have. Besides from actually shooting, these weapons will help with the game economy. Without the skill of saving and compartmentalizing money, the player won’t last long in this game.


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