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The CS.MONEY Blog has created a collection of skins for dedicated NAVI fans like you. Grab one or two 😉

M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire

Let’s start off with a CT rifle that gained incredible popularity of late. In addition to the yellow color prevalent on the assault rifle, the weapon is decorated with aggressive red stripes and mosaics of the same color. Combined with Natus Vincere stickers from RMR 2020, the finish looks absolutely stunning.

To acquire this piece of eye candy, you’ll have to splurge quite a bit. A Minimal Wear copy will cost you $35.

AK-47 Fuel Injector

Let’s continue our selection with an AK-47 skin that is many users’ first association with the color yellow. Apart from its base color, the AK-47 Fuel Injector also stands out thanks to the carving on the magazine, as well as the text inserts. On the fore-end is the “AK-47 Supercharged” inscription, lending the gun a certain impudence so characteristic of Natus Vincere’s style: fully charged, sharp, and unpredictable.

For a Field-Tested copy of this elaborate and intricate design, you’ll have to pay a trifle over $77.

SSG 08 Big Iron

A lightweight sniper rifle, the SSG 08 Big Iron will come in handy for force-buy rounds. The creator decorated this Scout with gold plates with black inserts. Autographs of Natus Vincere’s players will make this gun look even more exciting.

The eye-catching appearance of a Minimal Wear specimen is a good reason to grab one. The price of $7 doesn’t seem exorbitant.

USP-S Monster Mashup

Let’s diversify the yellowness with a very unusual weapon finish: the USP-S Monster Mashup. With that beast of a skin, NAVI’s captain Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov can literally devour his opponents in the pistol round, a trick he has repeatedly demonstrated in games. The gun depicts a monster in light green, ready to come to the owner’s aid in a shootout situation.

The skin looks pretty good even in Field-Tested condition, making it a practical and inexpensive option for the low price of $3.6.

Desert Eagle Conspiracy

Since the main color of Natus Vincere’s uniform is black, let’s pick something from this end of the spectrum as well. The selection was actually missing a Desert Eagle. For this powerful pistol, we chose Conspiracy, a minimalist and very strict look. The entire gun is covered in black paint, with gold flecks on the slide.

A Factory New specimen will cost you $5.6, which certainly isn’t too much.

AWP Man-o’-war

Yeah, you’ve already seen this one in the Gambit fan’s inventory. However, AWP Man-o’-war is a perfect match for this very loadout as well. This skin encapsulates the power of the Russian-Ukrainian roster. The skin is quite elegant too: on the blue base of the rifle is a gold ornament that goes perfectly with NAVI stickers. 

A Minimal Wear finish will cost you $22.

CZ75-Auto Yellow Jacket

Natus Vincere’s captain Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov uses the CZ75-Auto quite often. And the Yellow Jacket will make a great addition to the loadout of a NAVI fan. The smooth yellow lines are combined with black inserts — those are precisely the team’s colors.

The Yellow Jacket is rather pricey: $4 for a Minimal Wear item. The same condition with a frag counter will cost around twice as much.

Bloodhound Gloves Charred

For true aristocrats, let’s find a pair of gloves to match the color of Natus Vincere’s black uniform. The Bloodhound Gloves Charred fit this description perfectly. The silver skull on the back of the palm against that dark background defines formidable.

You’ll have to fork out $93 for a Field-Tested specimen.


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