New Stickers: IEM Rio Major


How can you tell a CS:GO Major approaches? Simple! Valve releases new stickers, so the wait is almost over! Same as always: nine days left until the start of the IEM Rio Major, and new stickers arrived in the game. Let’s dive into the latest patch.

Danger Zone Halloween and community map optimization

Before we talk about the most interesting part of this patch, let’s look at the other changes. Vineyard and Cascade received various improvements and bug fixes. Valve continues its work over community maps, but obviously with little interest until they make it to the competitive map pool.

The Halloween update on Ember, though, may attract some people. Green lava, pumpkins, graves and spooky sounds worth paying a visit between intense  clashes in the matchmaking.

IEM Rio Major stickers

Twenty-four teams, or a whole one hundred and twenty players are eager to enter the virtual battlefield. Valve traditionally prepared stickers with logos and autographs of Major participants. Stickers have a diamond-shaped tropical-themed background, perfectly resembling the host city.

Again, four different sticker qualities awaits: normal, glitter, holo and gold.

The gold ones are really cool. They look solid and expensive. Each gold sticker can add +100 respect to the skin in your inventory.

Player autographs can also be an excellent addition to every skin. Stickers’  tropical pattern (if we exclude gold ones) allows creating dozens of mind-blowing skin crafts. Our favourites are skins from the Riptide collection. Still, there are lots of other weapon finishes that look really great together with green.

Don’t underestimate the glitter stickers. Screenshots can’t show all their beauty. It is much better to look at such stickers in your inventory instead:

We believe that every version of new stickers will find their fans, and many new wonderful crafts will appear on CS:GO servers. 

As before, half of the proceedings will go to IEM Rio Major participants, so don’t hesitate to support your favourite players and clubs. 

Viewer Pass

Valve didn’t forget about the fans of the Pick’em Challenge. Viewer Pass is back! For $10, you get the opportunity to test your prediction skills and receive a diamond coin.

As before, upon completing three, six and nine challenges, you will receive a special Souvenir token which can be exchanged for a celebration souvenir case. In addition, you get a team graffiti with unlimited use during the event.

Half of the Viewer Pass earnings will also go to the Major participants. IEM Rio Major starts October 31. The prize pool is $1250000.


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