Newest CS:GO Recoil Case Has 17 community-designed weapons


While all players eagerly await the CS:GO birthday patch, which, according to rumors, should bring a new engine to the game, Valve decided to make the waiting a bit more exciting and released an update introducing the Recoil Case as well as some minor changes. The changelog itself is not that interesting since it has nothing significant, but the contents of the Recoil Case are worth your attention. Let’s dive into it with the CS.MONEY Blog!

Community-made skins

All new weapon models are traditionally made by community designers. Let’s start from the end: all the gloves from this case are not new because they belong to the Broken Fang series. You can browse through them in this article

Let’s move on to new skins. Each of them will have a link to the Steam workshop page so you can go there and commend the author.

Famas Meow

The first on our list is the new FAMAS from Des, Mia and el_tus. Originally it was created in four different color schemes, but Valve liked the green one most. Fun fact: there’s a cute fish placed on the other side of the gun.

Galil AR Destroyer

If you are always low on money while playing T-Side in CS:GO or love Galil anyways, here’s the latest addition to your collection: the excellent Galil AR Destroyer created by SLIMEface. Also, there is a QR code near the front sight, which we highly recommend scanning 😉

M4A4 Poly Mag

We know that M4A1-S is still popular even after the nerf, but we couldn’t walk past the new M4A4 skin! Minimalistic style, translucent mag (prayers for X-RAY skins have been answered) and lots of easter eggs and references if you look closer. Who is the author? Emu.

MAC-10 Monkeyflage

This weapon model is for those who love to rush B! Jimmba, the author of the newest MAC-10, understands CS:GO players really well, so they decided to decorate this SMG with funny monkeys. Even in the skin description, Jimmba mentioned they wanted to put a smile on players’ faces. We hope they succeeded!

Negev Drop Me

Negev Drop Me from Kattys and Pretx lives up to its name. This gun looks like it was lost and then found by a vandal who loves graffiti. Drop it with love!

UMP-45 Roadblock

Eschaton created this very cool UMP-45. Despite its minimalistic design, this gun has its feature, an animated arrow on the side. “It has been custom painted with horizontal orange lines and forward-facing arrows. Seek alternate routes”.

Glock-18 Winterized

This fascinating Glock-18 is created by UAD6 and hexeth. Finally, we got a strict military-themed design spiced with a beautiful winter camouflage and a note of realism.

R8 Revolver Crazy 8

R8 Crazy 8’s description says the following: “Inspired by the events of December 8th, 2015”. On this same date Valve added the Revolver to the game. Senkizh and MADMACK, the authors, decided to make it colorful and bright. Maybe after the release of Crazy 8, the players would start buying this gun more often. You would love your teammates to play with R8, right? RIGHT?

M249 Downtown

The Honey Badger and Gorb decided to bring some paint and street style to the game. The initial name for this weapon was “Downvoter”, but Valve decided to change it. In the workshop description, the authors left a message to all the haters and toxic players that is definitely worth reading.

SG 553 Dragon Tech

Bring more dragons to the game! Now we have a stylish SG-553 from Aleks36 and N3roS. This skin has an inscription right under the rear sight, which can be translated as “the spirit of dragon”. We hope that inspires you to some superb clutch rounds in CS:GO.

P90 Vent Rush

De puiseau, the creator of this weapon, mentioned that they “worked on a version where materials act like they are supposed to with the light.” 

The upper parts reflect the light beautifully, and the cables look like they are made from plastic. Finally, RTX has come to CS:GO!

Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora

It’s cowboy time! The newest Berettas made by BASBAY and RAY look stunning. These fantasy predator plants are ready to devour anyone once the trigger is pushed.

AK-47 Ice Coaled

REINCARNATION admitted that he purposefully worked to achieve the “cold effect”, that’s why he placed a blue gradient on the warm green. Ice Coaled is an incredibly stylish weapon!

P250 Visions

Australians Cimota and chrisparraart (trusting their profile bio) created another colorful skin in the Recoil Case collection. If you look into it long enough, you might be able to reach Zen: there are lots of small details and nuances that have required hours and hours of work.

Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love

Finally! One more anime-themed weapon added to CS:GO! We have gathered several anime and cartoon-themed skins compilations, which bring immense joy while playing. You can read them here and here. 4Gauder, the creator of this weapon model, definitely knew what CS:GO players wanted!

USP-S Printsream

No introduction is needed: the Printstream family received a new member. Now you can collect the whole inventory out of JTPNZ’s creations. Pearl reflections bring incredible and indescribable experience which will make playing CS:GO even more enjoyable.

AWP Chromatic Aberration

Have you been waiting for it? The newest AWP will hurt your eyes if you look long enough. Kosear painted the gun with a slight distortion, the effect that is called chromatic aberration, obviously. Usually, it is used in making the cyberpunk movies and games. Fun fact: this is not the first CS:GO weapon using such an effect. Read details below.

Interesting facts

AWP Chromatic Aberration is the second weapon in this collection besides the Galil AR from the Snakebite Case. Also, you can find the SSG-08 Parallax weapon in the Operation Broken Fang Case. It was made by the same author and used the same idea, but not in such bright colors. If you look at it in the workshop, you’ll learn that its initial name was Chromatic Aberration.

USP-S Printstream is the third weapon in this collection after Desert Eagle and M4A1-S. JTPNZ created the latter guns simultaneously, while USP-S was a part of the Printstream II Collection in the Steam Workshop.

Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love is the first ever weapon skin in CS:GO that has a special emoji in its name.


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