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A selection of blue and yellow skins feels like a very integral part of celebrating PGL Stockholm Major 2021 in Sweden. With that said, the Stockholm inventory from the CS.MONEY Blog shouldn’t come as a surprise 🙂 Enjoy the post and pick up the skins you dig.

M4A1-S Guardian

With the current meta, you can hardly find a CT not using the M4A1-S (well, NAVI b1t is an exception). You might’ve already spotted the M4A1-S Guardian in our selection for the silent defender. Strict and minimalistic, the finish is executed in dark blue and decorated with occasional technical inscriptions. A device like that would look great in the hands of Swedish special forces, the so-called Piketen.

The M4A1-S Guardian MW will cost you about $18.

M4A4 Buzz Kill

The futuristic M4A4 Buzz Kill was destined to enter our Stockholm collection. A high-tech yellow design with neat stripes on the magazine and grip makes a great skin representation of the Swedish capital.

The best value for money is the M4A4 Buzz Kill Minimal Wear. You’ll be able to find it for around $14.

AK-47 Frontside Misty

Since the Major is taking place in cold Scandinavia, choosing a skin that would match the frost seems pretty reasonable. The AK-47 Frontside Misty is perfect, both color-wise and pattern-wise.

After considering the various conditions of the AK-47 Frontside Misty, we recommend going for Minimal Wear specimens (again). One of these will cost you $20.

FAMAS Neural Net and Cyanospatter

These similarly designed skins are the ultimate blue and yellow tandem. Too bad you can’t dual-wield these two devices in-game. It would look absolutely spectacular 🙂

The prices of these items are quite moderate too. The FAMAS Neural Net Factory New is priced at only about $1.5. As to the FAMAS Cyanospatter, it costs even less in the same condition: around 20 cents. Count how much (or, nay, how little) this duo would cost at CS.MONEY with our 40% bonus, smile, and grab it for your collection.

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The CS.MONEY Major Hub provides the best experience of viewing the Major!  

Anyway, back to our selection.

Glock-18 Royal Legion

Yes, the Glock-18 Royal Legion is neither blue nor yellow. However, the symbol of Sweden is three crowns, and there’s no better skin that employs the royal theme. Unless we’re talking the same one with a Crown sticker 😀

This elegant brown weapon finish with engraving of acorns and oak leaves on the metallic bolt symbolizes everything an aristocrat could dream of. At the same time, it’s cheap: a Glock-18 Royal Legion FN costs only $4.

USP-S Royal Blue

The USP-S Royal Blue is executed in the color worn by Swedish national sports teams and police. If you’re a fan of all things minimalistic, look no further. If you like vibrant skins, the USP-S Royal Blue is the perfect base for bright stickers.

We suggest that you opt for a Minimal Wear copy: you’ll only have to part ways with $8 to get this beauty. Well, add the cost of the stickers.

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption

There could hardly be a more appropriate skin for this selection: the Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption‘s connection to Sweden is even more profound than we originally thought. The obvious argument for adding it would of course be its color: a badass pixel-metal camo in shades of blue. But better still: turns out, the metal cobalt was discovered by Swedish scientist Georg Brandt! 

For a match this brilliant, $30 for a Field-Tested specimen doesn’t seem overkill at all.

Tec-9 Fuel Injector

The Fuel Injector is executed in bright yellow with metallic inserts. The gun magazine features neat, subtle engraving depicting elements that drive the mechanisms: pulleys, belts, and gears. A tidy combination of technology and Swedish aristocracy.

The skin is quite budget-friendly: around $4 for a Minimal Wear piece. Isn’t it a good reason to add it to your inventory?

Gut Knife Lore

While kings of ancient or modern times hardly wielded knives like this, its engraving challenges the definition of royal. Yes, the Gut Knife Lore is quite expensive, with Minimal Wear copies priced at a trifle over $170. But it will make an amazing addition to your inventory for the Stockholm-based royal Major.

Fill in the pauses between PGL Stockholm Major matches by checking out skin loadouts for team fans and Major Champions inventories, along with other articles about the main CS:GO event of the year on our blog. Thank you for following the Major with CS.MONEY!


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