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The halcyon days of the steampunk esthetic are gone: games like Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura or movies in the spirit of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are things of the past. Nevertheless, we are absolutely certain that this style still has its fans. Meet a collection of weapon finishes for the steampunk hero from the CS.MONEY Blog.  

Glock-18 Royal Legion

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The Glock-18 Royal Legion is executed in a two-color palette. The top of the gun remained metallic, while the bottom became a shade of dark orange. The upper metallic part is also decorated with engraved inscriptions: Austria, 18, and 9×19. To decode the cypher, the first is the gun’s country of origin, the second its model number, and the third stands for its rounds’ caliber. 

This design is incredible — and perfectly matches the definition of “steampunk.” Both the engravings and the color scheme would make a fantastic addition to a late 19th-century setting. Of course, the pistol itself would be atavistic, but that’s no problem. The Glock-18 Royal Legion is a relatively cheap finish, but if you want to save a dollar or two, you should go for the Field-Tested version.

USP-S Lead Conduit

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A skin that’s effectively the twin brother of the Glock-18 Royal Legion: the USP-S Lead Conduit. Same two-color structure. Same engravings on the upper part. Only the color scheme is different: the lower part of the USP-S Lead Conduit is painted dark beige. In other regards, the finishes are very similar, so we’re not going to repeat it all. 

As the float grows, the item gets duller and covered with scratches. That said, we recommend buying a Minimal Wear specimen to save some cash without losing anything appearance-wise.

Nova Antique

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The Nova Antique deserves its proud name. It feels and looks like a real antique. All that lacquered wood and gilding along with the ivory inlays lend the shotgun a resemblance to a hunter’s gun from the Victorian era. There’s more: the skin itself is ancient, too. It’s been in the game for over seven years now! 

Notably, the Nova Antique is relatively expensive by the standards of Nova finishes. Because its price barely depends on the float value, we suggest that you look for stickers that may already be applied to the gun. Maybe this will help you make your choice. By the way, we at CS.MONEY offer a handy filter system with a whole bunch of parameters, including stickers. Give it a try!

M4A4 Royal Paladin

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Time for the big guns. Our pick for the CT side is the M4A4 Royal Paladin. Richly engraved and finished in gold and silver, it’s a regular masterpiece that looks like it’s part of a steampunk knight’s outfit. By the way, this is one of the first-ever ‘golden’ skins in the game. 

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In perfect condition, one of these is worth over fifty dollars. What’s worse, the buttstock quickly gets scratched as the float grows. Consider purchasing a Minimal Wear copy: it doesn’t get too many scratches, and its price is much lower than that of the Factory New counterpart.   

AK-47 Fuel Injector

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Whether we should add the AK-47 Fuel Injector to our selection was a tricky question. Should we opt for a skin which clearly imitates an internal combustion engine and not a steam engine? In the end, though, we decided that this design is worth your time: it features a bunch of shafts and belts on the magazine — and no distinctive features of an internal combustion engine. Bottom lime: it’s great steampunk material. 

The finish is executed in the Gunsmith style. Because of this, it just grows a little duller as the float grows without getting scratches. As a result, even a Battle-Scarred specimen will look badass. If you want a vibrant yellow skin, the Field-Tested condition is your choice.

AWP The Prince

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The AWP The Prince is a perfect solution for the ultimate steampunk sniper rifle. This beauty has no rivals. And it’s not just the engraving — it’s also the color palette. Particularly eye-catching is that rich red, a noble color evocative of the Roman Empire. Considering that antiquity was all the rage during the Renaissance — the period that inspired steampunk — the AWP The Prince is just the ticket for us. 

Since the AWP The Prince is extremely rare, we can’t recommend you any specific float condition. Simply look for the best deals and choose from the items available on the market.

Bowie Knife Lore

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Last but not least, let’s discuss knives, or rather, one particular knife: the Bowie Knife Lore. We had no doubt about this pick. First of all, the Bowie knife dates back to the 19th century, a period that could well be called the origins of steampunk. Except there wasn’t a steampunk era in our universe due to the emergence of other technologies. Second, the Bowie Knife Lore stands out for its engraving and gold coloring. Just what the doctor ordered to complete this selection.

Don’t miss our other selections as well. We’ve already created a collection of finishes to celebrate the triumph of the Major champions and have two sets for couples on the occasion of February 14: one for him and one for her.


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