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Stylized Skins vol.1

2 Mar. 2021

There are so many skins in CS:GO! While many of them exist individually, some belong to various collections. So, sit back and enjoy our post about different skin collections. In particular, we’re going to talk about the TARO collection and the Neo-Noir skin series.

TAROT Сollection

You probably guessed that AK-47 EmpressM4A4 EmperorMAG-7 Justice and AWP Mortis all belong to the same collection. Many thought mistakenly that they are just very similar skins. The items were created by three cool people: OniLolz, Zaphk, and 2Minds.

The very first skin in this series was the AK-47 Empress, and it was released on September 14, 2017, as part of the “China, are you ready?” update. The community dug this skin, so Valve released other skins created by the guys: M4A4 Emperor, MAG-7 Justice, and AWP Mortis.

These skins couldn’t look more royal and majestic: the bright yellow color of the Empress, the royal blue of the Emperor, the gold of the Justice, and the truly elegant dark color of AWP Mortis are all breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Many top players are fond of these skins. To name a few, k0nfig from Complexity and Magisk from Astralis like using an AK-47 Empress, ZywOo has been seen with an M4A4 Emperor several times, and sniper NiP REZ often brandishes AWP Mortis. Brehze from Evil Geniuses has been seen playing with the shotgun a couple of times.

Neo-Noir Skin Series

Neo-noir is an awesome variety of the noir esthetics from the 1970s inspired by the Watergate scandal in American politics and the USA’s failures in the Vietnam War. This genre produced many legendary games, such as Mafia, Max Payne, Hotline Miami 2, Katana Zero, and others. Makes you wonder what inspired donschi and Blazer, the authors of these beauties. 

The skins are executed in a color scheme reminiscent of steampunk: white, blue, and red. The colors look fantastic and match with every device. All the skins in this series have girls drawn on them, so you can give them names when they’re part of your loadout.

Because this skin series includes the AWPM4A4 and USP-S, you could say it belongs almost exclusively to the defense side. The first neo-noir skin was the USP-S, released on March 15, 2017. Team Liquid’s Twistzz loves it — his StatTrak USP has racked up 53,771 frags. The neo-noir M4 helps gla1ve, captain of Astralis, win tournaments in droves, and AWP Neo-noir is favored by poizon from Complexity and twist from NiP.

The authors are currently working on the Neo-Noir versions of M4A1-S, UMP-45, and Glock-18. We’ll see if donschi and Blazer will witness Valve include their entire Neo-noir collection in the game.

Yakuza Dragon Collection

Remember our Mafia skins selection? Well, you must be a fan of the legendary game Yakuza about Kazuma Kiryu and his story. That’s great: here are some awesome themed skins devoted to this world-famous Japanese Mafia clan. A genuine pistol-focused collection that will appeal to everyone’s taste. The author of this collection is The Honey Badger, who apparently has a great love for Japanese motifs.

This collection includes three skins: P2000 Imperial DragonDesert Eagle Kumicho Dragon and Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons, each of them inspired by the country of the rising sun.

P2000 Imperial Dragon is a beautiful and incendiary skin for the very first CT pistol that appeared in CS:GO. You’re holding a dragon with an open mouth in your hands! Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon is an incredibly stylish silver Deagle with an amethyst grip, which must’ve belonged to some big Yakuza member. Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons are black Berettas with wooden grips that look truly menacing. All the guns are engraved with dragons.

The new star of G2 Esports Nikola “NiKo” Kovač and suNny from ENCEDual Berettas Dualing Dragons have picked this item a couple of times. As to P2000 Imperial Dragon, some pros that brandish it regularly include koosta of Gen.G and RpK. Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon is used by two monsters of the American scene: CeRq from Evil Geniuses and arT from FURIA Esports.

Next time, we’re going to tell you about the legendary Hyper Beasts, post-apocalyptic items clearly inspired by Fallout, and cool royal skins. Stay tuned!

2 Mar. 2021

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