Top Easter eggs on stickers in CS:GO


Stickers have long been part and parcel of skin culture. Say, a scarred AK-47 Case Hardened with a blue sticker covering that yellow spot is a rather well-familiar sight. But stickers aren’t only good for decorating guns. Often they also carry a secret message — an Easter egg. In this post, the CS.MONEY Blog collected ten stickers with the coolest Easter eggs.  

Tenth place: Terrorist-Tech

One of the cheapest stickers from the Shattered Web Sticker Collection reveals a most enjoyable, if not surprising, catchphrase. If you rub the sticker several times, silhouettes will start to appear on it. Some more rubbing and here you go — the sticker with two knives turns into a sticker with a spider and the 7355608 code. If you didn’t know, it’s the code for the C4 explosive that the Ts must plant in regular mode. 

Ninth place: Mister Chief

The protagonist of the Halo series, Master Chief, isn’t just the symbol of the shooter series — it’s also a frequent meme in the community. Not him, exactly, but rather Mister Chief, a jocular image of the formidable warrior of the future. The figure is so popular and recognizable that it appeared in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with Halo Capsule. 

The Mister Chief sticker looks good on a whole bunch of skins. Still, the greatest fun of all is sticking the evil face in the helmet onto faces that are already depicted on skins. On top of that, the sticker contains a reference. If you rub it long enough, all that’s left of it is an unclosed ring with a dot in the center. That’s the logo of the Halo series. 

Eighth place: Full Buy

Most of the stickers from the Warhammer 40,000 capsule either reference the universe’s lore or play around with it. But there’s more: even the Easter eggs that become visible after rubbing the stickers mostly refer to Warhammer. Although there’s one appealing and unexpected exception: the Full Buy sticker. 

Beneath the image of the bolter, the iconic weapon from Warhammer 40,000, is an equally iconic situation from CS:GO: the phrase “Rush B,” goes A. You have to admit that it sounds not unlike the behavior of your typical teammate in an umpteenth game.  

Seventh place: Smoke Criminal

The Smoke Criminal sticker from The Boardroom capsule looks cute and sneaky at the same time. Well, what else would you expect from a kitty cat? They’re all like that, those furry little rascals. But this one also hides an exciting secret. If you rub the Smoke Criminal, all that’s left is a pair of hypnotic eyes and a big smile suspiciously evocative of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. The question arises whether this esemblance was intended by the sticker’s author or it was an accident.

Sixth place: Purrurists (Foil)

Another cat sticker, this time from the 2021 Community capsule. Purrurists (Foil) is one of the most expensive stickers from this capsule — and boy, does it look really good! So good actually that you don’t even want to rub it. If you do it, though, you’ll find that there’s a little message hidden beneath the sticker’s gold coating. On a worn Purrurists (Foil) sticker, fish turn into fish skeletons, and the 1337 inscription appears on the cat’s forehead. Translated from leetspeak, it means ‘elite.’

Fifth place: Distinguished Master Guardian

Let’s start with the incredible fact that all of the stickers in the Skill Groups capsule carry hidden messages. For this selection, however, we opted for one random sticker. That’s the Distinguished Master Guardian. The capsule contains two variants: Holo and regular. If you rub it, the only thing left eventually is the circle and the star in the cente that bear a striking resemblance to Captain America’s shield. 

Fourth place: Rage

On the face of it, the Rage sticker from Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2 looks pretty straightforward. The sticker features a character that means ‘rage’ in Chinese. Well, that’s pretty obvious, but are there any Easter eggs here? Yup — and they are badass. If you rub the sticker, you’ll discover the 怂 character, which translates as ‘coward,’ instead of the 怒 character. That sure was unexpected…

Easter Event from CS.MONEY

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Third place: Queen Of Pain

The third place goes to the Queen Of Pain sticker from the Community Stickers Halloween 2014 collection. First of all, the name and image of the sticker reference a character from Dota 2, another Valve game. Second, worn copies of the sticker reveal the phrase You, suffer fool, which is very similar to the lines the character says in-game.

Let’s also note the meaning of the phrase suffer fools [gladly], which perfectly encapsulates the most painful moments of playing CS:GO. After all, sometimes your teammates aren’t the the sharpest tools in the shed. And that’s exactly what the idiom suffer fools gladly means.

Second place: Welcome to the Clutch

Second place goes to a truly old-school sticker. The Welcome to the Clutch sticker dropped as part of Sticker Capsule 2 back in 2014! Nevertheless, even after all these years, its message remains as relevant as ever. On the surface, it’s a welcoming sign that invites you into the clutch. But if you rub it, the phrase Welcome to hell comes through. Indeed, one may find themselves in a clutch scenario with the best of hopes, but the fight may well turn into a genuine hell.  

First place: Knife Club

The well-deserved prize of the collection at number 1 is the Knife Club sticker. Let’s start with what’s immediately apparent. The phrase “no guts no glory” is attributed to American soldier Frederick Corbin Blesse. It means that if you don’t have the courage to take risks, you can never achieve victory or glory. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?

In any event, there’s another reference under the top layer of the sticker: DO NOT TALK ABOUT KNIFE CLUB!!! The prohibition against telling about the fight club is the first rule of the fight club from the book and movie of the same name. Apparently, this is exactly the phrase that a worn Knife Club references.


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