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This time we took a while to think about appearances in CS:GO. Of course, the most important thing is the victory. But why not look damn beautiful doing it?  The trick is to combine the inventory so that everything is synergetic.

We kick off with this bad boy ⬇, so we begin with M4A1-S | Icarus Fell FN, and match the rest of the inventory to it. Let’s hope that the last thing your enemies see is a beautiful sight and maybe that will relieve the bitterness of their victory a little.

How to combine inventory in style

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell FN

What is this?! Did God himself nap on a black M4 in-between sniping? Did Leonardo Da Vinci come back to life to produce the last and greatest of his labors? Did aliens from year 3000 drop some amazing device from their ship?

M4A1-S | Icarus Fell is the creation, in our opinion, of unprecedented beauty of the color of dawn in the oceanic depths, and it sets set the tone for the rest of the items on the list. Choose it first, and let us just say, you will not regret it when you pick up the rest of the items to follow suit.

Hydrography, feathers, and melted wax — that was how the original design was created. Introduced by Valve as part of The Gods and Monsters Collection, it will take you to the rank of deity.

The M4A1-S is not only a more stylish weapon, which is also more accurate than the M4A4 and even has a silencer at all (and this is a damn useful thing, we tell you). Here, actually, are the reasons why this version of the rifle with this skin is better than the one provided by default, according to our friends from

“The M4A1-S is an optional replacement for the M4A4 in your inventory and will take up its slot. The M4A1-S has slightly better accuracy and slightly lower recoil than its close relative M4A4 except when jumping (which you should never do while shooting anyway). Users should also keep an eye on their ammo management. The M4A1 has 5 fewer rounds than the M4A4 in each magazine, and only have 3 spare magazines upon purchase. Its damage, penetration, armor penetration, fire rate, and all other stats are identical to that of the M4A4. Unlike the M4A4, the M4A1-S is equipped with a suppressor that is attached upon purchase. This can be removed, although this is not recommended as this causes the weapon to be less accurate than the M4A4 (therefore making the weapon useless) and the suppressor allows users to fire this rifle without being spotted on the radar/minimap. The suppressor also hides muzzle flash and bullet tracers, making the M4A1-S the ideal ambush weapon.”

See? This choice is not only beautiful in appearance, but also gives you a lot of advantages if you want to become a professional silent killer.

Stattrak Usp-s Blueprint

Also incredibly beautiful and fantastically useful pistol with a silencer, perfect in terms of color for  M4A1-S | Icarus Fell FN. Do you need extra noise? Not really. This favorite of the players will allow you to quietly and snarkily do your dirty deed, hiding somewhere in the dark. The glow or a red or, God forbid, golden skin won’t give you away.  Feel like a professional, ominously winding the muffler onto the gun. If only you had hitman gloves … wait a minute.

Hand wraps: cobalt skulls

Hand wraps have been with us since the times of the First and Second World War (we confess, in fact, they are descended from footcloths, but these days there’s no resemblance at all). Now, of course, the wraps no longer look like they used to – they have gone a long way of evolution and have become so beautiful that the enemy might just go blind, as if from a flash grenade, marveling at shades of cobalt, which are glistening in the sun, and this is a good tactical advantage. Get them along with everything else and put your enemies in the mind of blues …

FadeCase Karambit Elite

One of the aesthetically most beautiful knives in the game (although, of course, tastes differ). Look only at its ergonomic design, at how smoothly it fits into the hand, how well its features are thought out … That’s what Fadecase thinks:

“Karambit is a new generation of gaming knives. The improved texture of the handle, the increased size of the knife, and skins – that’s far from all of its distinguishing features. Each blade of a diamond-engraved knife represents a quality emblem. ”

We will add to that the form of the knife, which is shaped like a hornet.

PP-19 Bizon Blue Streak

If you suddenly find yourself lacking ammo for the M4A1-S, then you can always buy a Bison. PP-19 Blue Streak Bison was invented by our compatriots (check), it is best suited for close fights and is very stable, although it likes to kick hard. The Bison does not like armor very much (it is rather difficult to kill a person who bought armor with this weapon). Opponents turn blue with envy but you will look like you’re fresh out of Avatar.

AWP Medusa

What would we be without the AWP? This unreally beautiful finish is worth diving to the bottom of the sea for and kicking Poseidon’s ass (apparently, the legends about the trident of Poseidon were inspired by AWP Medusa). Nothing beats a classic! Just take one look at this baby – and you will never want to marry again.

This graceful beast completes our selection of equipment, which will give you the opportunity to win beautifully, not only striking enemies with your level of skill but also with high aesthetics. If you need anything, let us know. Ciao!


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