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8 Jan. 2021

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, of course, an eSports shooter, it has many modes other than competitive too. And those are really interesting.

CS.MONEY  is here to tell you what there’s to do in the game apart from battling in competitive matches.


Another competitive mode, but in the 2v2 format. Almost a game in a game. The Wingman mode has a separate rating system, special versions of maps (smaller and more compact than competitive ones), and even its own system of economy. Rounds are shorter too: they last a mere one and a half minutes.

Also, in this mode, you can play competitively on smaller versions of Dust (dust_de) and Cobblestone.

Classic Casual Mode

This mode is almost the same as competitive mode, but with a number of differences. The matches are played in the 10v10 format, and everyone has a helmet and armor by default. The rounds are longer, and you can buy fewer grenades. Damage to your teammates is disabled, and no-block enabled. Matches are best out of 15, not out of 31. 

It’s an excellent warmup mode. Yet unfortunately, you can’t choose the map. Instead, you can select a group of Dust 2 maps, two groups of Bomb Defusal maps, and one group of Hostage Rescue maps.


A regular deathmatch. It’s hard to recommend this mode since the game has user servers with a whole bunch of nice bonuses. The official Deathmatch is only suitable for basic warmup before a regular game in matchmaking. In all other cases, it’s better to play a deathmatch on a user server.

War Games

This section includes three modes: Arms Race, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman. 

Arms Race is a team deathmatch where weapons constantly change. After each frag, the player receives an upgrade, and when they reach the final level, they are given a golden knife. To win, you need to make a frag with this knife. The first player to do it takes first place. 

Demolition is another variation on the classic competitive mode. The main difference is the former has no economic system. Players get a loadout by default, which changes as they make frags. It’s a very fast and dynamic game mode.

Flying Scoutsman is the craziest war game of the three. It has participants start with an SSG 08 and a knife. Furthermore, gravity is reduced, and accuracy penalties while mid-air are completely disabled. Because of this, the matches are drastically different from the usual gameplay. 

Danger Zone

A version of battle royale from Valve. Just like Wignman, it’s a game in a game. Separate maps, separate rating system, and separate features. Currently, the mode can be played at three locations: Blacksite, Sirocco, and Jungle. 

Because of the size of maps, the gameplay changes considerably. Already at average distances (for a battle royale), the fire spread makes hitting your targets rather difficult. This mode also offers additional gear: hammers, axes, parachutes, fists as a weapon, and much more. 

The economic system was modified too. Instead of purchase zones, everyone has a tablet with which they can make purchases that will then be delivered by a drone. Fun fact: the drone will deliver the purchase to where the tablet currently is, not the player. 

In addition to the competitive mode, there are seven other modes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Of these, only the Deathmatch is something of a disappointment, clearly inferior to user servers in terms of its playability. The other modes, however, are truly fascinating. Be sure to try them!  

8 Jan. 2021

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