Choosing the best gaming headphones for CS:GO


To play CS well, you have to practice all the time. Of course, this includes training your aim and learning the throws and timings. But it’s also essential to have good devices that’ll help you a great deal in-game. Perhaps the most important device for CS is the headset. After all, you need to constantly listen to the steps and give information based on all kinds of sounds. But how do you choose a headset for CS:GO? The answer is right here on the CS.MONEY Blog.

What should a headset for CS:GO be?

A good gaming headset for CS:GO should meet the following three criteria:

1. High-quality sound. Obviously, this is the main criterion.

2. Sound isolation. You need it to fully focus on the game and exclude external disturbances.

3. A good microphone. It’s crucial not only to hear well, but also to be heard.

It is these three things that you need to focus on when choosing a headset for playing CS. Be advised, however, that headsets are divided into several types, and each of them has its pros and cons.

Full-size headphones

There are many types of headphones, but we’re not going to elaborate on all of them. Sure, you can play CS with Apple’s AirPods or sports headphones. But it’ll be inconvenient to say the least: these models aren’t designed for playing at all.

Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Contrariwise, full-size headphones are meant specifically for gaming — and are the most popular type of headset among players. Full-size headphones literally envelop your head and provide surround sound. On top of that, these headphones almost always have a good mic, which is certainly an advantage.

Naturally, the quality of headphones depends on the price tag. Still, there are quite budget-friendly and high-quality models priced at under $100. Popular manufacturers of full-size headphones include Hyperx, Logitech, SteelSeries.

Full-size headphones can be wireless. It’s definitely convenient, but you’ll have to pay extra for it.

In-ear headphones

The complete opposite of full-size headphones is in-ear headphones. Alternatively referred to as earbuds, they are miniscule and have a different design. Namely, they fit snugly into the ear canal.

The advantages of these headphones are lower prices and comfort. If you’re going to sit behind your computer an entire day, wearing full-size headphones may eventually result in a headache. With in-ear headphones, there’s no such problem.

Hyperx Cloud Earbuds

But there are downsides, too. The sound quality in such headphones is normally worse. And the microphone isn’t even present in all models.

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And what kind of headphones do professionals opt for?

At home and at bootcamps alike, most players use full-size headphones: they all rely on the sound quality. Nevertheless, tournaments are a whole other ball game. At events, eSports pros wear in-bud headphones and helicopter headphones over them to ensure noise isolation. The latter keep all extra sound from getting into the player’s ear.

NBK wearing Razer in-bud headphones with helicopter headphones at a tournament. Source: HLTV

If a match takes place on a stage with booths, players simply wear full-size headphones.

What kind of headphones should I choose for CS:GO?

Here, everything is individual and depends on multiple factors. 

If your budget is limited, you should settle on high-quality in-ear headphones. But in case you want to hear every rustle in-game, full-size headphones are your perfect choice.


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