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Premier Matchmaking For Everyone, for Free

30 Mar. 2021

Last night, another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released. The changes are few yet important. The CS.MONEY blog is here to break them down, debunking the rumors and speculation. 

Broken Fang Premier for everyone

Broken Fang Premier matchmaking is now available to all players. Its main difference from regular matchmaking is the ability to ban maps. Note that Broken Fang Premier doesn’t provide any other features, such as 128-tick servers. Previously, only those with an operation battle pass were able to participate in this type of matchmaking.

Экран выбора карт

Still, the dev team did separate players into two groups. Battle pass and Prime account holders will play together. Those who have neither will be placed in a separate queuing pool. In addition, the opportunity to play Broken Fang Premier is now limited in time. 

By the way, the operation will end soon as well. It began back in December, its finale scheduled for April 30. Valve hasn’t yet announced any plans to extend the operation.

Zeus X-27 Fixed

The second part of the update is a texture replacement for the Zeus taser. Valve fixed the “typos” in the text on the skin. First, it’s now X-27 instead of X-21; second, it’s now Zeus instead of ZUESS. After five years, the textures have finally been cleaned up. 

However, the most curious part of the update is the last sentence. For some reason, the devs indicated that the new look of the taser is considered a skin. This caused rumors in the community about the possible addition of X-27 skins. 

Currently, there are no premises for this development. Nothing has prevented the creation of skins for the Zeus X-27 before. However, there has been no talk of skins since the weapon was introduced. Besides, users in the game’s subreddit have already come to the conclusion that the new Zeus look isn’t skin. 

The update was released last night. Its size is around 10 Mb. So, which map will you ban first?

30 Mar. 2021

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