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Quiz: Creative Blast


Obstacle course, push-ups for a place in the final, battles on the high seas, and a fake s1mple! All this could be seen at the Blast series tournaments.

Or not? Let’s check how well you followed the show.

Is it true that in one BLAST match, an EZ4ENCE clip was played during the broadcast instead of the decisive rounds?

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During the decisive round of the GODSENT v. Galaxy Racer match in a qualifier, the EZ4ENCE video turned on. The commentators had to broadcast a few rounds without a picture.

Is it true that at one of the BLAST tournaments, matches were played on a boat at sea?

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A tournament at sea is definitely a cool idea, but it's unlikely to be particularly convenient for the organizers. So far, BLAST competitions have only taken place on solid land.

Is it true that at the first BLAST tournament, there was a controversial situation regarding the final and to avoid a rematch, the organizers held a push-up contest to let the winner go to the finals?

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Tiebreaks are always a challenge for organizers, but BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2017 had none, let alone a push-up contest.

Is it true that s2mple has participated in BLAST tournaments?

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NAVI is a regular guest at BLAST tournaments, and s1mple is the star of the lineup. However, at BLAST Global Finals, the nickname on his insert was changed: s1mple became s2mple — an obvious reference to the fact that the Ukrainian player had taken second place in the HLTV top.

Is it true that BLAST has his own series of skins in CS:GO?

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BLAST has two maps and zero skins in the Workshop — and the same number of skins — zero — in the game. What could a skin from this BLAST look like?

Blast Creative

You don't seem to follow the history of Blast tournaments very much. But after this test, you know the most important things!
Not bad!

You are well versed in esports. Of course, you don't know everything ... But no, after this test you know the most important things!

You're a true Blast connoisseur!

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