G2 are kings of the hill. BLAST Premier Spring European Finals prediction preview


The culmination of the entire BLAST Premier Spring season is about to start! We are going to set our focus on the European division. The best teams Europe CIS will compete for a prize pool of $500,000 and two spots at the 2020 World Finals.

What is good about the BLAST Premier league system is its format. During the six months of the season, we saw top teams, several stages, and regional qualifiers with spots on BLAST Showdown. Good level of production, nice HUD on broadcasts, and many hours of excellent CS:GO. I hope that it will get only better with time.

Going back to the European final Will be a lot of fun. Eight teams will meet in the elimination bracket, and by the night of June 21 will determine the winner.

I want to give my personal prediction for BLAST Premier Spring European Finals.

Winner – G2 Esports

In my personal opinion, G2 is the best team in the world right now. Yes, even if Natus Vincere have secured the first place in HLTV rankings, and the European team is only in second place – in terms of form and recent matches, it is G2 that is a force to be reckoned with.

One of the main advantages of G2 Esports is a strong mappool. The Samurai are ready to play all 7 maps, and the way the Nexa’s team plays Vertigo and Dust2 deserve special attention.

What we have in the end:
• G2 can play situationally on the first ban in bo3
• G2 have a guaranteed strong pick (Vertigo, Mirage, Dust2).

In principle, the only relatively weak point of G2 is Train, but even there it’s hard to play against the Samurai.

Secondly, the players of the team are at the peak of their individual form and the G2 by the game itself are clearly on the rise. Third, let’s not forget about match preparation and working on mistakes: at the moment, G2 probably have the most solid coaching staff in Europe.
And fourthly, guys are on a bootcamp, and in the post-coronavirus period, this is a serious boost.

In short, in my understanding – G2 are the main favorites of the European finals of BLAST Premier Spring.

Complexity could surprise

How I love Complexity! A surprise can be either good or completely bad. BlameF&Co has been playing online matches a lot and hard in the last two months, which allows them not to fall out of the competitive rhythm. But, however, there are breakdowns. It is difficult to maintain stability online for a long time, but I still think that everything will be fine for Complexity at the upcoming event.

Complexity are in good shape, blameF and oBo are just beasts. The grid is not bad, OG is an opponent that Complexity can pass with a score of 2-0, Na`Vi are unstable and on the decline, which means they can be sent to the lower grid even in the first round.

Complexity is a solid question mark, but I believe in their success at the BLAST Premier Spring European Finals.

Don’t expect a success of OG

The last couple of days clearly showed that OG are now in serious trouble. An incredible (but not the highest quality) game against forZe, suffering against HAVU, failure in the EPL S12 qualifiers.

So the imminent departure of OG from the final part of the spring season of BLAST will not be a surprise. Plus, Complexity is a very inconvenient opponent, and even if OG manage to pass two rounds, the remaining strongest teams (for example, G2) will just stomp OG.

I assume that OG are the main contenders for the last place in the tournament.

Na`Vi will keep falling

Natus Vincere have comparable problems as OG in scale. As soon as s1mple does not make an overperformance, a game as versus FaZe happens.
The imminent return of offline events will probably improve the situation, but at the moment it seems that the difficulties will not be solved immediately by themselves.

Na`Vi got into turbulence, there is nothing wrong with that, but with a high probability it means a decline in results and the game in the nearest future.

Author: Slava “innersh1ne” Britvin


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