Na`Vi on BLAST: what was good and what was bad?


Natus Vincere’s performance in the group stage of BLAST Premier Fall left a very… A contradictory impression. On the one hand, they found success and proceeded to the finals of the BLAST Fall Season, and on the other hand, there were certain problems in the Na`Vi game.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Na’vi’s performance at BLAST Premier Fall.

What was good?


Na`Vi lost one of the three Mirage maps in the group, but they were fighting to the end.

In general, it was a pleasure to watch how they play on Mirage. CT-side was fine, T-side was more difficult, but given the fact that Na`Vi don’t really like Mirage, the team’s preparation for the tournament on a specific map was super-fine!


It is not always possible to fairly praise Egor, but the group stage of BLAST was a great period for him.

Three matches out of four, flamie finished with a positive K/D and a 2.0 rating 1.00+.

  •  flamie showed a stable game for four matches.
  •  He has carried several important clutches.

Oh, yes, it also seems that flamie played calmly, and this deserves special respect!

CT-side wasn’t perfect, but there’s a progress

Over the past six months, Na`Vi have been experiencing periodic, sudden issues when playing CT-side.

This wanders from the map to map (more often it happens on Train), and from tournament to tournament.

Probably, there are certain problems with communication, or the opponents are preparing perfectly for the match against Natus Vincere.

In BLAST, we could see those difficulties of Na`Vi on a separate map, but the general trend is pleasing.

Na`Vi don’t afraid to ignore Vertigo ban when it’s not needed

This is just a small but remarkable fact.

Yes, Natus Vincere do not play Vertigo, but you need to have a certain self-confidence in order to take this step.

Na`Vi ignored the Vertigo ban twice in the match against OG, which means that they were either sure that the European team would not pick it, or they were ready to face OG on the 51st floor.

What was bad?

There are only two things that worth attention.


Na`Vi played Dust2 against OG twice and lost both times with the same score, 9:16.

The two games turned out to be slightly different in nature, but the outcome was the same.

In addition, both times it was Natus Vincere’s pick and did not show dominance for the attacking side, which continued with difficulties in the second half.

In 2020, Na`Vi play Dust2 with unstable, but the trend of recent matches is not good at all.


Denis “electronic” Sharipov showed unstable performance. Out of the 10 maps in the BLAST Premier Fall group, only in two of them electronic finished with a positive K/D.

BLAST Premier Fall was the second worst tournament of the year since the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019, which was held more than a year ago.

It is also important that during one match electronic could carry one map, and perform not that well on two rest. So, for example, it was in the last match against OG.

Finally, an interesting fact: the most direct impact from Denis was on the Mirage, which, as a result, became the strongest map for Na`Vi in the group stage.

So think about it.


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