Trivia: CS:GO Pro Geography


For almost ten years of existence, CS:GO has indeed become a global game. Many players worldwide are playing it, reflecting and expanding the professional scene. CS.MONEY Blog has gathered a set of interesting facts about the geography of pro players!  

Facts about CS:GO Majors

Despite the community hosting thousands of CS:GO tournaments, the Majors are the pinnacle of the CS:GO esports hierarchy. Here are some trivia:

  • Players from 46 countries played CS:GO Major Championships. Azerbaijan, Mongolia, South Africa, Chile, and India included.
  • Players from 26 countries finished top-4 at least in one CS:GO Major Championship. Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and Ukraine are among the leaders, but there are also players from Israel (Spinx), Bulgaria (CeRq), New Zealand (Gratisfaction), and Switzerland (Maniac).
  • Players from 13 countries were crowned CS:GO Major champions. Current champion FaZe Clan added four new countries to this list: Latvia (broky), Estonia (ropz), Canada (twistzz), and Norway (rain).
  • Players from 9 countries were declared MVP of CS:GO Majors: Sweden (JW, friberg, flusha, olofmeister), Denmark (dev1ce, Magisk, Kjaerbye), France (Happy, kennyS), Brazil (coldzera), Poland (paszaBiceps), USA (Tarik), Kazakhstan (adreN), Ukraine (s1mple) and Norway (rain).
  • Four countries have only once been represented at a single tournament. SANJI brought glory to Uzbekistan, finishing 2nd in StarLadder Berlin Majo 2019. Montenegro’s Maden finished 3rd-4th in Antwerp, t0rick from Azerbaijan was one step away from reaching the group stage, and dav1d, Chilean, finished last in Belgium.
  • Indian squad Team Wolf played in ESL One Cologne 2014 because LGB eSports disbanded. Tournament organizers decided to give this growing professional scene a chance, but a miracle didn’t happen. Team Wolf finished last, winning only 11 rounds in two maps against NiP and HellRaisers. That was the only appearance of Indian players at CS:GO Majors.
  • The best result for China, whose players participated in five majors, was 12th-14th place in FACEIT Major: London 2018 (TYLOO). Mongolia has worse results in that regard: erkaSt, together with Grayhound Gaming, finished 17th-19th place, and for the whole squad, IHC esports, the best result is 20th-22th in Antwerp (the only major Mongolian team participated).
  • Of all the players who were the only representative of their countries, ChrisJ played the most CS:GO Majors with ten. This one could have been overtaken by NiKo, but recently, he was rivaled by his cousin huNter-.

Facts about HLTV Top-20 Players of the Year

HLTV’s Top-20 Players of the Year also has some fascinating facts.

  • Since 2012, players from 22 countries have made it into the list. The number one spot, however, has been only taken by Swedes (GeT_RiGhT, olofmeister), Brazilians (coldzera), Ukraine (s1mple), and France (ZywOo).
  • The three most represented countries are Denmark (12 players made at least one appearance), Sweden (10 players), and Brazil (8 players).
  • Among pro players to make it more than once, Swedish pros lead with eight, Denmark has seven, and France is third with six players.

Facts about prize money in CS:GO

Talking money, provided several gripping stats:

  • Players from 112 countries and territories managed to win prize money.
  • Players from Denmark earned almost $ 20m, the most ever. Bolivia holds 112th place with lone Jose “yoles” Cortes making $20 for 3th-4th place in the ESEA Latin American Open Season 30 Playoffs.
  • Players from five countries earned more than $10 million prizes: Denmark, USA, Sweden, Russia, and Brazil.
  • Dupreeh alone earned more prize money than all players from Turkey or Slovakia.
  • Out of all countries not represented at CS:GO Majors, South Korean players earned the most: $467.000.
  • Saudi Arabian players earned slightly less (above $400.000), but most of that money was paid in local tournaments.
  • Players from South Africa earned more money (almost $850.000) than players from Serbia (nearly $750.000) and Portugal ($728.000). JT- and Sonic, who were successful in North America, are the two primary sources of such results.

We hope you liked this compilation of geographical facts! Remember, you can find some more exciting information from the world of CS:GO in our Blog. Stay tuned!


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