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404 Achievement Not Found: Getting the “Impossible” Achievements

9 Nov. 2020

There are 167 achievements “available” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Yep, inverted commas are there for a reason. Some achievements are impossible to unlock without certain special tricks. CS.MONEY is here to tell you what these achievements are and how to get them.

What Are Achievements?

Achievements are special rewards for certain actions within the game. For example, in The Witcher 3, you get a special achievement as soon as you go to prison. And in Fallout 4, there is a special achievement you can receive after having read twenty magazines. 

Achievements in Steam are very popular, and almost all well-known games have them. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is no exception. In the game, the player can get 167 achievements associated with various aspects of the gameplay. 

What Achievements Can I Get in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Let’s start with the good news. Most of the achievements in the game can be earned without any problems. Defusing the C4, killing 500 opponents, or making a hundred frags with the Glock-18 — neither of these will require any significant effort on your part. On the contrary, these achievements will most likely be gained during regular, normal play. 

To win a round with none of your enemies eliminated, kill four opponents in 15 seconds, or survive a round having received more than 80 grenade damage — that’s harder. These will require both only skills and a bit of luck. Either way, the keenest players have also earned them as well. 

But there are also other achievements on the list. 

Almost-Impossible Achievements

Blinding an enemy in such a way that they kill their own teammate or wasting five defense players with a C4 explosion are difficult tasks to accomplish. They are almost entirely dependent on luck — and are almost impossible to gain in the classic competitive mode.

But it’s much easier to get such achievements in regular mode. The chaos of the 10 vs. 10 match significantly increases the chances of such situations occurring. The good news for those who don’t want to grind at all: almost all of these achievements can be earned while playing with bots. Of course, this will sizeably reduce their weight. But if you keep your secret, no one will ever learn how exactly you earned your achievements.

“Impossible” Achievements

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some achievements cannot be obtained without tricks. You won’t be able to win five matches on Shorttrain: there’s just no such map in the game.


The same is true for Aztec as well. Yes, the map you can download from the Workshop will be called Aztec, it will look like Aztec, but whether it’s 5 or 100 rounds you have won on the map, nothing will work. 


While you have had the opportunity to drag hostages and make thousands of frags with an AK throughout the whole history of the game, you are never really able to play on all maps. As CS:GO evolved, Valve gradually deleted some of the game content. And, frankly, removing Aztec was hardly the wrong call. The map is clearly not equal in quality to the modern localities to be seen in the game. However, its removal blocked the achievement associated with the map.

To open such achievements, you’ll have to cheat the game. The process looks like this:  

  • Download the needed map from the Workshop;
  • Put it into the folder with the official game maps. The folder can be found at SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgomaps;
  • Run the map through the console and get your achievement! 

With Shorttrain, for example, this algorithm looks like this (we used the instructions provided by 3kliksphilip): 

  • Go to the Workshop and download the map;
  • Open the csgomapsworkshop416884493 folder and copy the map file into the official maps folder;
  • Start the game and use the console command map de_shorttrain;game_mode 0;game_type 1;
  • Win five matches and get the achievement. 

By resorting to this trick, you can get all the impossible achievements. 

Let’s sum it up. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can eventually get all the achievements there are. Most of them can be earned without any tricks — it’s the deleted or modified maps that cause trouble. They’ll have to be downloaded from the Workshop and dropped into the folder with the official maps. Almost all the achievements can be obtained while training with bots. 

By the way, I had 138 achievements out of 167 before this post appeared. Now I got all of them. What about you?  

9 Nov. 2020

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