All Easter eggs in CS:GO: from Dante to chicken

All Easter eggs in CS:GO: from Dante to chicken

Valve regulars don’t need to be told how the developer in their games there makes many Easter eggs. Ever since the first versions of Counter-Strike, here and there, you could find interesting and funny references to the pop culture of that era or other games of the company. CS:GO is no exception; on the contrary, due to the vast amount of in-game content created by users from all over the world, there is an unprecedented number of Easter eggs here. It’s cool to see the symbiosis of this kind to work because before the release, all skins are tested; that is, the developers approve each Easter egg.

In this compilation, CS.MONEY Blog recalled some already-known and widespread Easter eggs, presented some rare ones, discussed superficial items, and mentioned ultra-rares.

Dante’s Inferno

Let’s start with a rather non-obvious but culturally important Easter egg in CS:GO. Of course, we are talking about the Inferno map. Everyone understands that geographically the map is located in Italy, but in addition, a bunch of references and interesting things hint at the origin.

For example, the intersection of Via Dante and Via Adamo. The first is an evident reference to Dante Alighieri, the main character and the author of the Divine Comedy. It has been present from the very beginning. Via Adamo is a reference to the legendary pro player Adam “friberg” Friberg, who was famous for protecting the “Banana”. This one appeared later, as a tribute to the player.

Another impressive fact is that there is a radio on the map that … broadcasts the Divine Comedy in Italian.

The King’s Speech

Speaking of the… radio. Do you remember a map named Office? Near the CT spawn, there is a room with a radio in it in the building itself. With a slight chance, you can hear a voice… of Gabe Newell as a news journalist. He reports about a hostage situation in an office building. Well, what a coincidence?

Gaben is not the only Valve employee who left a mark on the CS:GO maps. For example, here is a reasonably popular reference to the creator of Counter-Strike, Minh”‘gooseman” Le. The picture below shows the evolution of graffiti from 1.6 to CS:GO and after the Dust update.

Of Modern Art

In general, graffiti is a big part of Counter-Strike. Born in the first versions of CS, they were an integral part of the players’ self-expression before skins appeared. Overall, graffiti plays the same role in real life.

Of course, the most significant reference is the OneUp graffiti on the Overpass map.

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Everyone has seen it, but not everyone knows that this is a tribute to the world-famous German graffiti group “1UP Crew” or “OneUnitedPower”. And given that Overpass is geographically located in Berlin, the impressions of the Easter egg are multiplied. Therefore, we strongly recommend learning about the gang.

Overpass also has a reference to Gordon Freeman: a barcode with the number 24724. When entered into a search engine, these numbers indicate the town of Freeman, West Virginia. By the way, the previous version of Dust 2 had graffiti in the Arabic language on the T spawn, which translated as “Freeman Was Here!”

One For The Dragons

Dragons are pretty favored in CS:GO. A symbol of power, the legendary AWP Dragon Lore has two references to it in the game. Before we leave Overpass, just a tiny reminder for such a funny thing:

But much more interesting is the reference to the long-lost but not forgotten Cobblestone:

Fantastic art! 

Laziness or Easter Egg?

There is also an exciting easter egg on the Vertigo map (which we all love). More precisely, it is not entirely clear whether this is an Easter egg or not, because often Valve developers are too lazy to redraw textures: they use the same assets in different games. However, it would be funny if the following reference was actual and not just random coincedence.

A news channel helicopter flies over the Vertigo construction site. Scope it, and you will see TRS TV News 5. Looks familiar? Sure it does!

This is the very same helicopter that rescues survivors at the end of one of the campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2.

By the way, one more gripping detail about Vertigo: there is a sign that counts “incidents”: when someone jumps down the building and dies, it updates the next round.

Chicken Finale

The compilation ends with a small but rather amusing easter egg on NAVI’s favorite map, Nuke. You can look deep into the inaccessible room and see a witty reference on the board inside the building.

That’s all for today! There are dozens more hidden secrets in CS:GO, but we can’t compile them all in one article. By the way, we have also prepared a quiz on Easter eggs on skins and stickers in CS:GO, which you can complete here

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