History of Graffiti: What Those Drawings in the Maps Depict


In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are a whole bunch of graffiti images. A goose protects A Site on Dust 2. A monster is drawn above the pipe on Overpass. The walls on Inferno are covered with signboards. But not all drawings and graffiti in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps are quite the same. 

CS.MONEY here to tell you about five iconic graffiti in the game’s maps.

Olof on Fire

On B Site in Overpass, the yellow house is decorated with a drawing of a special forces fighter standing in flames. This is the first “commemorative” graffiti in the game. It appeared after Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer defused C4 while burning in Molotov flames in the Semi-Final of ESL One Cologne 2014.

The Swedish player managed to disarm the explosive literally moments before his death, thus snatching the victory in the fifteenth round from the hands of Dignitas. The score on the map became 15:14. The next round was also won by Olof’s team, Fnatic. 

This reckless, self-sacrificing defuse brought the team victory on the map, in the match, and, eventually, at the whole Major. In the Final, Fnatic defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas by a score of 2:1.

Winged AWP

Behind the van at B Site, you can find an image of a winged AWP with four marks above its scope. This drawing appeared for a reason too; this reason was Marcelo David.

In the Semi-Final of MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016, his team, Luminosity Gaming, played against Team Liquid, Mirage the first map in the match. Liquid had a good first half and won seven rounds in defense. After switching sides, the team won another eight rounds, only losing one.

Luminosity Gaming was on the cusp of defeat. Liquid players decided to use the old but tried-and-tested tactics — rushing B. That’s when coldzera had his finest hour. Alone, with an AWP in his hands, he took out four opponents hitting B Site. 

He killed the first enemy with a shot across the whole corridor. Nothing out of the ordinary. But he managed to kill the next two in a jump, with no scope, and from a distance of more than ten meters. The fourth and last kill was a no-scope too. Coldzera shot nitr0, who jumped right on him, at point-blank range.

The moment is even more epic if you know that after this performance, Luminosity Gaming won on the map in additional rounds, thus gaining their victory.

Winged Sniper

Cache has an image containing a winged AWP too. You can find it at the entrance to B Site from the defense side. The graffiti shows a sniper floating on the wings, the scope of his rifle falling down.

This legendary moment happened in the Semi-Final too — this time, at ESL One: Cologne 2016. In the match where Liquid fought against Fnatic, the American club was leading after the first map. On the second map, everything was going well for them too. The team was confidently leading in the first half and could even safely lose a few rounds.

Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev, however, had no intention of losing any rounds. In the fourteenth round, he found himself in a one-against-two situation. Instead of skulking around carefully with his AWP, s1mple decided to act as aggressively as possible. He literally fell on the head of one of his enemies, killing him with no scope.

His second opponent was at a decent distance, and time was running out, so s1mple took a risk. He made another no-scope shot — the second kill under the player’s belt in this round.

The community liked the moment so much that it even survived a remake of Cache! Although there was no graffiti in the first version of the new map, it can now easily be found in the same place from where both kills were made.

One Nade for Them Both

The Final of PGL Krakow Major 2017 saw another moment that was definitely worth perpetuating in graffiti. This time, no-one jumped feverishly with an AWP. On the contrary, a moment of extreme calmness and cunning was perpetuated. We are talking about the grenade throw by Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov. 

On the third map of the Final, Inferno, the Gambit team was confidently leading with the score 9:1. In the eleventh round, Immortals managed to reach A Site and plant C4, outnumbering their enemies in survivals. The two surviving Gambit players refused to recapture the Site and left to save their weapons.

Trying to take full advantage of the moment, Dosia decided to try his luck and throw a nade into the sands from the boiler. The decision paid off with a vengeance. Immortals decided to stay at A Site and survive the C4 explosion in the far corner. This far corner was exactly where the grenade landed moments before the explosion!

Both Immortals were killed as a result. Already in the next round, Gambit seized the initiative. The map score was 16:10 in favor of Gambit, making the team the champion of the Major. 

Wolf on the Roof

Our last graffiti for today is truly unique and one of a kind — and will probably always remain so: it’s located on the roof of a house on Blacksite. This map was used for a battle-royale showmatch in the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice Major 2019. 

At the end of the showmatch, Furlan had to fight alone against SPUNJ and jks, who joined their forces. Knowing he won’t be able to kill them alone, Furlan turned on the “real super-brain” mode.

By studying the trajectory of the enemy drone supplier, he calculated where his opponents are. Following the direction, he crept on the roof and finally heard steps. SPUNJ and jks didn’t expect an attack from above. Furlan took out one first, then changed his position and finished the second.

On the roof which brought Furlan victory in the match, there’s now graffiti with a wolf and autographs of Furlan and GruBy, who were the winners in this battle royale.


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