How to choose the best keyboard for CS:GO


You can play CS:GO on almost any computer or laptop, using any devices, even cheaper non-gamer peripherals. Still, it’s much more fun to play with a comfortable mouse, high-profile headphones, and a good keyboard. Today, the CS.MONEY Blog is gonna show you how to pick a gaming keyboard for CS:GO.

Why do you need a good keyboard for CS?

Of course, a keyboard shouldn’t be the top-priority purchase when choosing or upgrading your gaming gear. First, you’ll have to get a mouse and headphones. And yet, a decent keyboard will certainly make a great addition to your set, albeit you can play and make frags by the score with an office one.

Typical office keyboard from Logitech

Keyboards fall into two categories: membrane and mechanical.

Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are a more budget-friendly option, with the average price amounting to 10-25 dollars. Famous manufacturers include Defender, A4Tech Bloody, and Red Square.

These keyboards are normally almost noiseless. Their disadvantages are poor feedback and not-the-best response. Regardless, odds are, you won’t even notice it in-game.

Defender Renegade

Membrane keyboards are usually used by beginners at the initial stages of developing gaming skills.  

Mechanical keyboards

Prices of mechanical keyboards start at around $80 and go all the way up to about $200. So why overpay for them?

Hyperx Alloy Fps

The main difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards is the key pressing mechanism. Mechanical keyboards are characterized by a more complicated design. First, their keys are pressed without any effort: minimal contact suffices. Second, they swiftly return to their original position, allowing you to quickly re-press and type really fast. Third, mechanical keyboards are more durable.

Nevertheless, “mechanics” have one big disadvantage: the noise. If you don’t live alone, your neighbor is going to tell you sooner or later that your banging on the keyboard is way too loud. This can also pose difficulties for companies communicating via Discord. However, an appropriate sound configuration enables you to somewhat conceal the noise.

Besides, mechanical keyboards generally offer more RGB options. This, too, affects the price tag.

All eSports pros and advanced gamers use mechanical gaming keyboards. Brands that have gained prominence lately include Hyperx and Logitech. Models by Razer and Red Square are in high demand as well.

Additional keyboard features

When choosing your perfect device, don’t limit your selection solely to the dichotomy of mechanical and membrane keyboards. Both types have specs that can influence the decision.

The standard keyboard has 104 keys — and that’s the most popular choice. But there are also smaller specimens. For instance, 87 keys keyboards without a numpad. Last but not least, there are even more compact versions that only have 67 keys. In addition to the numeric keypad, the removed keys include the arrows, page scrolling keys, Print Screen, and others.

Hyperx Alloy Fps Pro

Naturally, compact keyboards take up less space on your desk. Then again, classic models allow for a whole bunch of key binds. For example, you could have a bind for buying guns or grenades.

Another bonus some keyboards have is a rest for your wrists that prevents them from hanging loosely in mid-air and getting tired. A wrist rest is convenient, but you have to factor in the space on your desk.

Hopefully, it’ll be easier for you from now on to answer the question: “Which keyboard should I pick for CS:GO?”, since now you know everything about the types and features of gaming keyboards suitable for CS.


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