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How to move?


Movement is one of the basic essential elements in CS:GO. The player who knows when to run and where to jump will always be at an advantage over the one who simply holds down W.

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By default, everyone in CS:GO is running. Instead of running, you can walk or crouch. These three types of movement differ in speed: running is fastest, walking is almost two times slower, and during crouching the speed of movement drops to ⅓ of the maximum.

Each of the methods of movement has its pros and cons. Running allows you to move faster, and a fast target is more difficult to hit. However, this is noisy and the enemy knows about you approaching in advance. In addition, on the run, the bullet spread noticeably grows.

Walking is silent, but slow. In addition, when walking, the spread is smaller, although you will still feel it. Crouching is the slowest type of movement, but at the same time, it greatly reduces the size of the player, which makes it possible to squeeze into small openings. Also, the seated character has the smallest silhouette – less noticeable and harder to hit.

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A player’s movement speed is determined by the weapon of choice. With a knife, you can run at a speed of 250 units per second (1 unit = 2.54 centimeters), which is almost 6.5 meters per second. Grenades will reduce this figure to 245, and an attempt to run with Kalash will reduce the speed by 15% at once – to 215 units per second. The same values ​​are used to calculate walking speed and squatting.

Another type of movement is jumping. In contrast to 1.6, in CS:GO you cannot accelerate to the speed of a sports car with the help of bunnyhops, but instead, there are other benefits. Perhaps the most important one is a jump with a squat. It allows you to climb objects whose height is almost equal to the height of the player.

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To execute it you need to simultaneously press the keys: jump (space by default), squats (by default Ctrl) and forward (by default W). In the end, you get to jump higher.

There are very advanced types of movement on the map, for example, run-boost. It is performed as follows – one player climbs on the second, they start to run together, and after the first player jumps. In the end, so you can fly a distance of almost three times greater than with a normal jump.

It is also worth mentioning strafe jumps, long jumps and other types of jumps. They are mainly aimed at deceiving the displacement system implemented in the game. A good strafe jump allows you to raise your maximum speed by almost 30 units – from 250 to 277, or higher.

To perform such a trick, you must first run forward, then press the button to move to the side, jump and turn around in flight. Designed for training of such advanced types of movement are special community maps. Some of them feature parts of official matchmaking maps.

Summarizing: the right movement mechanics in CS:GO are very important. Understanding when you can run with a knife in your hand, and when it is necessary to move to a peaceful step more than once will save your life and yield frags. In addition to the usual movements, there are also jumps. The most advanced types of jumps can be learned and practiced using community maps.


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