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How to play CS:GO: hints and secrets

Did you know that CS:GO can be additionally configured before the first launch and even a beginner e-sportsman? This is achieved by using the game’s launch parameters, which can be found and used in Steam. Let’s take apart the most necessary of these components. Startup options look like this: “-tickrate 128 -nojoy -novid”. These are three different commands and they are separated only by a space. A portion of these consists of a minus in front and the command itself, another part has a variable at the end. To set the launch options, open the Steam library, right-click on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and select “Properties.” In the window that opens, click on the “General” tab, and there on the button – “Set launch parameters”. In the field that appears, enter the required parameters and click “OK”. -console – basic Enables in-game console, defaulted to “~”. It can also be enabled in the game settings; -tickrate value   Servers running on the computer will start with the specified tickrate. The usual matchmaking tickrate is 64, competitive platforms like FACEIT run at 128; -novid – removes the video when you start the game. Allows you to slightly speed up the launch of CS:GO; -fullscreen / -windowed / -noborder three commands that determine how the game will be launched. The first will launch CS to full screen, the second – in the window, and the third – in the window without frames; -high assigns the CS:GO process the highest priority in the system. This means that background tasks will not affect performance in any way; + cl_forcepreload 1 forces the game to load maps. Slightly improves performance; -language english changes the interface language to English. After that, the font in the console is noticeably larger and much easier to read; -d3d9ex a new command that reduces the load on the processor memory by 40%. In practice, significantly speeds up the minimization and maximization of the game; -lv removes blood. Allows you to win several frames per second; -refresh 144 this command should be used for monitors with refresh rates above 60 Hz. The value must match the refresh rate of the monitor. These are the most popular and popular launch options for CS:GO. There are others, for example, -threads 8, with which you can set the number of threads, but they are less in demand.  

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