Key Dust 2 Nade Spots: A Site


Dust 2 is a truly iconic map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has always been extremely popular, and it’s probably impossible to find a player who has never played it. CS.MONEY here to tell you about the most important nade spots for A Site on Dust 2. 

Before you start, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guide on different types of grenade throws. The mastery of those is essential for performing some of the throws described below. By the way, all nades were tested on our servers, with tickrate values 64 and 128.

For attacking players, nade throwing starts at the spawn location. To get out and gain control of long, using flashbangs is recommended. The simplest option is to throw one while running toward the double doors. 

We recommend doing the throw while jumping or running — it’ll increase the range of the throw. In addition, you should pay attention to the location of your teammates. Flashing long is at its most efficient when done by the last player, and they should do it once the first player has passed through the first doors. In this case, the effect will be the best.

If you can’t ask your teammates to throw a flashbang over the door, simply throw it yourself. To do this, just stand facing the corner near the boxes, point your crosshairs at the intersection of the shadow and the black stripe on the tree, and perform the usual throw. Note that this flash gives an audible hint to the enemy, so you’ll need to catch the right timing when advancing.

In addition to the “long-gaining” flashbang, you can use a smoke grenade, which can be thrown from the very spawn location. Just stand facing the curb, aim a little to the left of the lantern mount, and perform the throw while jumping. The smoke will fly over the double doors, bounce off the door, and seal the long corner.

After gaining control of long, you can use a Molotov to kick the player out of the car position. To do this, you’ll need to climb the barrel and aim at the doorjamb just above the switch on the left. With everything done correctly and the throw performed while jumping, you can set fire to both the area behind the car and the corner.

For defense players, using flashes on long is a must too. As with the attack team, the flash should be thrown by the last player. There are many ways to throw the grenade at the corner. We suggest you stand facing the box, aim at the corner of the house, and perform the usual throw. The flash will fly over the entire long and will explode just opposite the exit from the double doors.  

Before performing this throw, it’s absolutely necessary to warn your teammates. They’ll need to turn away to the wall and then, immediately after the explosion, go and start the shootout.

To maintain control over long, you can throw a smoke into the double doors — the player in the car position can help with this. To perform the throw, just stand facing the rear wheel of the car, aim at the corner of the house, and move the crosshairs a little to the left. After that, just do the usual throw, and your smoke will land right at the doorway.

When defending long, you should perform the “standard” flashbang throw from near the wall. To do it, you need to press yourself against the wall, aim at the small ledge, and make the throw while running. Easy-peasy.

When going to A Site through the zigzag (short), you’ll need to use smoke nades that will prevent the players on the Site and behind the car from shooting. We recommend that you stand facing the middle of the grid, crouch, and find the point above the window on the opposite wall. Then, perform the usual throw — the smoke will fall on the curb and block the opponents’ view.

To gain a foothold on A Site, you can throw a smoke to the defense base, slowing down the move from B Site or forcing the opponents to go through the zigzag and long. To perform it, stand facing the corner of the garage door, aim at the corner of the house, and make the usual throw. The nade will completely cover the passage with smoke.

There are dozens of useful nade spots on A Site of Dust 2, and most of them are really easy to perform — you can do it instinctively. We’ve only told you about the most useful and necessary grenades. If you want to know more about cool nade spots, be sure to subscribe to our social media pages.


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