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Key Dust 2 Nades: Site В


Site B on Dust 2 is rightly considered one of the most difficult spots for both Ts and CTs. CS.MONEY here to tell you about the most important nade spots for B Site on Dust 2. 

Before you start reading this article, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guide on different types of grenade throws. It’s small but useful. It will surely help you understand how to throw the grenades listed below.

For attacking players hitting B Site, throwing flashbangs over the roof is a solid option. The main problem with these flashes is the short period of the stunning effect. Therefore, it’s best to throw your flash from the wall on the left, either from the far ledge on the wall or from the one near the gate.

The main feature of this nade is that it doesn’t blind the attacking players. Therefore, it can be thrown practically at any moment while hitting the Site. Throw it while running and aim a little above the ledge.

To successfully hit the Site, you’ll also need to cut off at least one passage to it from the center of the map. The easiest way is to throw smoke into the double doors. To do it, just stand facing the corner, aim at the specified area, and perform the usual throw. But don’t forget to check for any pushing from B Site before the throw!

The third useful grenade for attacking players to mention is a Molotov thrown into the window. Extremely easy to perform. Just stand at the passage to B Site, aim at the house, and make the usual throw. The Molotov will fly over the wall, bounce several times, and set fire to the whole area near the window, cutting off the path for defense players. 

Defense players also have some extremely useful nades at their disposal. This smoke, for instance, will be useful both when gaining B Site and recapturing it. Just press yourself against the wall near the loophole, aim at the crane portal, and make the usual throw — the passage to the Site will be tightly covered with smoke.

At the beginning of a round, you can also throw a frag grenade in the direction of the attack spawn. Do it while running — aim at the right edge of the red sign on the wall. If successful, the throw will inflict significant damage on the attacking players rushing to B Site.

A player holding the center of the map or coming from A Site can help the defenders of B. The best option is to throw a flashbang over the window. Do it while running — the throw should be performed while jumping. In this case, the flash will fly as fast as possible and explode in front of the passage to B Site. 

Although the time of the blinding effect from this flash isn’t very long, it provides a serious advantage. While the player is running from the defense spawn point to B Site, they may have enough time to throw two nades and thus disrupt the attack.

Because the flashbang explodes high and slightly behind B Site, it doesn’t blind defense players at the Site itself. With this flash, you can only damage those players who hold the corner near the car or a player behind the box in the far corner of B Site.

Last but not the least, we should mention the Molotov for the position under the window. Very easy to perform. Just approach the “step” near the window, aim at the shadow on the opposite wall, and make a throw while jumping. The fire from this Molotov will consume the whole back area of B and prevent the players at close positions from controlling the exit from the window. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list of B Site grenades on Dust 2. Over its long life, this relatively simple map has managed to produce huge amounts of complex tactics and no less complex grenade throws. We only told you about the most important and not very obvious ones. 

Do you have any favorite nades on this map? Share them with us in the comment section! 


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