Key nades on Vertigo: B Site


Nades are an essential aspect of CS gameplay. If you lay claim to victory, you should know at least the basic throws on each competitive map. Today, the CS.MONEY Blog is going to talk about the key grenades at Vertigo’s B Site.

We highly recommend checking out our guide on the mechanics of grenade throws in CS. The guide is chock-full of useful tips.

Two generator smokes from the Ts

Let’s start off with the smokes. The first one will block the right side of the generator, thus forcing the CTs to fall back behind the smoke or burst into it. 

To throw this utility, you have to stand facing the edge of the map under the stairs at the passageway to B, aim for the edge of the low fence above, and make a regular throw. Don’t be afraid to hit the fence itself: the grenade eill fly right through this texture. You can jump on it, though.

The left side of the generator can be covered by the player who occupies mid. They need to stand in the corner next to the number 51, crouch down, and aim at the base of the red structure.

Cutting off helping CTs

There’s a great way to cut off CTs who are dashing to stack up the defences from A: put a smoke at the CT. To this end, stand facing the fence on the stairs, mentally find the center of the intersection created by the two iron beams, and move the crosshair a bit lower.

The smoke will land perfectly, but there’s still one position the CTs take: heaven. It’s best to throw a Molotov there.

The easiest way to do so is when approaching mid. Stand on the fittings and rest against the pipe, with the crosshair aimed at the intersection of the two beams.

At B Site, there might be an AWPer waiting for enemies, right at the plant site. To get past this guy, you can throw a smoke at the passage, sizeably decreasing the sniper’s room to maneuver.

Smoke to prevent the AWPer’s crosshair from finding you

This smoke is thrown from under the stairs. You have to stand in the middle of the big wooden box and aim as shown in the picture.

To keep the Ts from quickly entering the bombsite, defenders can throw a smoke which enables them to take close positions on the stairs.  

Aggressive smoke from the CTs

You need to jump on the cones near heaven and get to the corner, aiming to the right of the penultimate bulkhead, at the intersection between the shadow and the lighter area. While this throw is extremely effective, it’s also not the easiest one, so make sure you’ve mastered it before using it in a match.

Learn the grenades and stay tuned to the CS.MONEY Blog. You can also read our articles on nade throws on other competitive maps in CS:GO.


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