Key Nuke nades: B Site


Knowledge of at least the basic nade throws is a key prerequisite for good play in CS:GO. There are numerous combinations of smokes, flashes, and Molotov cocktails, but today, the CS.MONEY Blog is going to show you the key grenades on Nuke, around B Site.

The throwing grenades mechanics in CS:GO is pretty specific. To understand it better, you can read our detailed guide. Information from there will come in handy while reading this article and playing alike.

Outside nades

Nuke is a two-level map. One of its characteristic features is that one plant site is located right under the other.

We’ll start our guide with some throws often used by Ts to get to B. These are probably the most basic smokes on the map that everyone should know. There are different ways to throw these nades, but we chose the easiest methods in each respective case.

The first smoke is a long-range one. To throw it, you have to get close to the intersection of the lattice fence and the solid fence outside, and then aim at the intersection of the electric wire and the metal structure. Make a regular throw.

The second smoke is a short-range nade. Move a little to the left and aim at the middle of the gate. Aim at the intersection of the electric wire and the lantern. Now, there’s a wall of smokes on the street, making your approach to B Site much easier.  

Entering the ramp

You can enter B not only through outside but also through the ramp. And instead of mindlessly pushing toward this position, you should throw some utilities in the process. 

The CT team likes to defend the ramp from behind the boxes — either up close or from afar. A close-range smoke can help cut off these positions. To this end, stand under the letter “r” of the word Cedar and aim as shown in the second picture. Perform the throw while walking. Alternatively, you can throw a flash for your teammates to advance.

After successfully capturing the ramp, you can throw two important grenades while approaching the plant site. The first is a smoke in front of the window, where a CT player will usually lurk in order to fend off attackers. The smoke is extremely simple to perform, even though you have to make the throw on the run. When you’re on the steep floor, aim at the wall near the aquarium and throw that smoke.

After you’ve advanced a little, you can throw a Molotov cocktail at the shadow. To do this, aim for the yellow-and-black line and throw the utility in such a way that it hits the red box. Piece of cake.

CT ramp smoke

CTs usually throw a smoke at the ramp at the earliest timings. This grenade is simple as well: just run along the orange line and throw a smoke at the red sign. 

The attackers can take a risk and go through the smoke, in which case you can just throw a Molotovs off your hand.

There are multiple grenades on Nuke, and we only showed the most basic ones: at A (they can be viewed here) and B Sites. We also have stuff about the basic nades on all other tournament maps. Read the CS.MONEY Blog!


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