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Weapons Guide: MP9

1 Nov. 2020

The MP9 is a submachine gun only available to defense players. However, this fact isn’t its one and only unique feature. The gun costs a little more than the UMP-45, has a rate of fire equalling that of the P90, and, at the same time, is the most accurate submachine gun in the game. Uncontrollable? Well, almost.

CS.MONEY is here to tell you how to take full advantage of your MP9. 

Technical Characteristics

The MP9 is only available to CTs. Although in classic game mode, it’s the side of defense, this submachine gun is perfect for an aggressive play style. With it, you can shoot while running, make headshots while jumping, or even send bursts of fire from the stairs. Below are the weapon’s characteristics:

  • Price: $1250
  • Damage: 26
  • Armor Penetration: 60%
  • Accurate Range: 16 m
  • Reload time: 2.1 s
  • Kill Award: $600/300
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine, 120 rounds in reserve
  • Movement Speed: 240
  • Rate of Fire: 857

On paper, the MP9 looks good in all respects but damage: it has the worst value in its class. Even the PP-Bizon deals one damage unit more. This drawback is compensated for by the rate of fire. Still, there are some nuances to be considered. 

MP-9 Airlock

The main strength of this submachine gun is its high accuracy. It can and should be used in non-standard situations. For example, an attempt to shoot a short burst in a jump will almost certainly end in success and deal significant damage to the enemy. Shooting on the run, typical for playing with other submachine guns, is also a valid option with the MP9. 

Careful players can also opt for this gun to play against eco. Its high accuracy while shooting from a distance (the MP9’s accurate range is at the same level as that of the FAMAS) allows you to shoot in short bursts at a distance of 15-20 meters without losing efficiency. In this situation, it’ll take 1–2 hits more for a successful frag. 

Among the drawbacks, the key thing worth mentioning is, of course, damage. The owner of an MP9 is unlikely to win a duel against an armored opponent with an automatic rifle. In this scenario, you can only hope for two fast headshots at point-blank range.

How Do I Play with It and Why Do I Need It?

The MP9, in contrast to its counterpart MAC-10, is not only useful against eco. It’s a worthy alternative to the FAMAS for many positions. A decent accurate range allows you to put this submachine gun to use even on spacious sites. 

Playing aggressively, it’s better to work together with one or two teammates. A pair of MP9s will quickly waste almost any opponent. When playing in position, remember to take advantage of the gun’s accuracy in jumping: often, it can be used to safely deal damage to the opponent. 

MP-9 Ruby Poison Dart

If the second round was successful and there are a few MP9s left on your hands, you needn’t necessarily upgrade to rifles. With minimal coordination, this submachine gun is enough to win even against enemies that buy.

MP9 and eSports

MP9 is highly popular among eSports pros. It’s almost always selected against eco, since there’s only the UMP-45 apart from it in the same price category, inferior to the MP9 in almost all parameters. The absence of nerfs also contributes to the gun’s popularity — since the beginning, the MP9 hasn’t been weakened once.


During his career, ZyWoo has made a little more than 300 frags with the MP9 in official matches. This is the eleventh most popular weapon in his career. With other players, the MP9 enjoys approximately the same level of popularity.


MP9 Bulldozer

Only 26 skins have been released for the MP9. Only the MP5-SD has fewer, but this gun appeared in the game much later! The oldest looks for the MP9 were released back in 2013. The MP9 Bulldozer is real antiquity — it was the first MP9 skin to appear and dates back to August 14, 2013. 

This skin is also the most expensive — only the MP9 Wild Lily can compete with it in this respect. Both skins are worth four hundred dollars or even more in excellent quality.

MP9 Wild Lily

Because of its characteristics, the MP9 is the best weapon among submachine guns. High rate of fire and mobility, excellent accuracy while running and jumping, and relatively low price — all of these compensate for the low damage the weapon deals. 

MP9 Rose Iron

Among the 26 MP9 skins, everyone will find something to their taste. Don’t forget to visit CS.MONEY to buy a skin at the best price.

1 Nov. 2020

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