Fuji-Ararat, “Not Counter-Strike actually” and CS:GOD. Remembering 2022 with CS.MONEY


2022 is coming to its end. We saw the CS:GO Major in Brazil and a new competitive map, Karrigan’s triumph in Antwerp and new faces eager to claim their deserved spots in the tier-1 scene. 

CS.MONEY Blog also had a very intense year. That’s why we decided to make a digest of our best articles and events that defined 2022.

One of the main topics of this year was CS:GO’s 10th anniversary. We remembered how the game looked at the initial release (spoiler: almost everything changed) as well as we dug up some pro players’ opinions on the new game. Back then, they were really furious about Molotovs:

And while it seems like we are witnessing the end of eras era, there’s been a lot of enjoyable esports stuff throughout the year. We thoroughly studied the pro players’ inventories to find unusual name tags. N0rb3r7’s MP9 and Dupreeh’s AWP are definitely worth taking a look.

We asked players about their favourite skins and were surprised by some choices:

We also remembered spectacular highlights worthy of Steam achievements. Can you recall a 1-HP ace or a triple kill using HE grenades?

Still, we didn’t focus only on esports. CS.MONEY launched its own Market and already held a Black Friday event during which, for example, you could’ve won a cool knife:

Remember that we often host great events. For example, right now, you can win some cool prizes on the GameChanger Hub page. Complete easy tasks to get prizes!

In 2022 we studied different aspects of our beloved game. We looked for hidden easter eggs and references in skins and stickers:

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We told you about the fundamentals of the game, for example, about sound. Did you know that opponents won’t hear you switching weapons but will hear when turning the shooting modes of Glock and FAMAS? 

A CS:GO enjoyer can dream, right? We allowed ourselves to think of future updates and changes. (Valve, please, rework Mirage!)

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We also didn’t forget about entertainment. Earlier this year, CS.MONEY launched its YouTube show called CS:GOD, where celebrities known all along the community showed their skills and told some fascinating life stories. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is not too late to fix it!

This year had lots of events, but CS.MONEY isn’t going to stop. The upcoming 2023 will be even more engaging!


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