10 Hidden References in CSGO10 Anniversary Capsule


Over the ten years of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s existence, stickers have evolved significantly. And the peak came with the release of 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule for the game’s tenth anniversary. CS.MONEY Blog studied the capsule and chose ten stickers with peculiar secrets.

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Dreams And Mimics

Mimic chests are well known to the Dark Souls series enjoyers. However, these bitey fellows are much older, probably debuting among the enemies in Dungeons & Dragons (the notorious board game from Stranger Things), or maybe even earlier. Now mimics have reached CS:GO. The Dreams And Mimics sticker depicts a chest with teeth ready to devour careless players.

Moreover, it’s the Dreams & Nightmares case that got depicted: you can note the same colour, the recognisable logo, and the picture that appears when you scratch the sticker.

Call Your Flashes

The Call Your Flashes sticker successfully plays with words on several levels at once. It’s a pretty predictable joke on the surface: a flashbang answers a call, getting shy along the way. The sticker looks lovely, spiced with hearts sprinkled here and there.

But if you scratch the sticker, you can find a punchline underneath: an image of an annoyed teammate who covers their face with a hand. Apparently, the hand did not help much, and the flashbang fulfilled its destiny to blind everyone with its light.

Green’s Problem

The CS:GO community obviously has its internal memes. Speaking about Green’s Problem sticker, it roots in a short video in which one player annoys another, trying to find out what the problem is. During the act of communication, the questioner loses their nerves and kills the green player, for which, as expected, receives a matchmaking 30-minute ban. And afterwards, the protagonist just can’t calm down to smash the keyboard into pieces.

All these events found their place on the Green’s Problem sticker. The top layer of the sticker is devoted to questions, and if you scratch it, you will see a fist crushing the keyboard. Excellent adaptation!

Co Co Co

Chickens have become an integral part of CS:GO. Sometimes it is simply impossible to understand their logic, and it seems that these birds are playing their own game. The bird depicted on the Co Co Co sticker does exactly that. If you scratch the sticker a little, you’ll see a phrase, Don’t look at the chicken. But what happens if you keep scratching? The picture will completely disappear, leaving only the white silhouette of the sticker and two words on it: You lose. Just a simple game of peepers.

Not For Resale

One by one, chicken stickers come. Agent Number K, depicted on the Not For Resale sticker, offers to buy a couple of knives and a rubber chicken. A difficult choice: the knives look cool, but the chicken makes funny sounds. Any ideas on how to solve the dilemma? Go scratch, surely! To your sincere surprise, it’s not Number K who offers the trade. It’s a chicken! M. Night Shyamalan got his hands on stickers?!

Magic Rush Ball (Lenticular)

Everybody knows the Magic 8-Ball Decision-Maker: ask a question, shake it, and get an answer. If only life was that simple… However, the Magic Rush Ball (Lenticular) sticker is a simplified version of this toy. Only, you don’t have to ask any questions because it already has one: “Where are we rushing?” Having decided on the Plant you need to rush to, you can also randomly find out a gun to rush with. If you scratch the sticker, the inscription will change to “What are we buying?”. Unfortunately, the stickers cannot be scratched right during the match.

Approaching Site (Foil)

Even if you’re not an anime fan or haven’t watched a single episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures or read a single volume of its manga, you still could’ve come across a couple of memes based on this universe. Some say that even SpongeBob SquarePants creators referenced the legendary title in their series! The Approaching Site (Foil) sticker depicts one of the most famous scenes in the franchise: Dio Brando approaching JoJo. If you want to know the original story, just go on and read the manga (the animated TV series doesn’t have this scene in it, though). 

Kawaii CT (Holo)

The 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule has enough stickers that communicate with players. Kawaii CT (Holo) is just another great example. The sticker shows a special forces girl who smiles and shows Victoria with both hands at once. But if you scratch the sticker, the girl will ask: “Why are you scraping me?”. And if you keep scratching, the sticker will disappear completely but will not be removed from the gun. To bring the matter to an end, you will have to scratch the empty space a few more times, and while you are doing this, you’ll have just enough time to answer the question above.

Cbbl (Holo)

If you started playing CS:GO just a few years ago, you have probably never played maps that are considered classics. For example, Cobblestone. After Valve removed the map from the competitive pool, it was considered 100% dead. And perhaps the most legendary skin in the game—- AWP Dragon Lore—is associated with this map. Therefore, this map’s Special Edition sticker is a great way to stir up the nostalgia of old-school players.

Interestingly, the sticker’s creator took care of even older players. If you scratch it, there’s another classic map under the Cobblestone layer, Aztec! Unfortunately, no one can play it anymore because the map was simply removed from the game.

Blue Gem (Glitter)

Our final choice is the most fascinating sticker from this capsule. Watch this. 

Blue Gem (Glitter) is one of two Glitter stickers in the 10 Year Birthday capsule. The sticker itself directly refers to the rare Case Hardened skins. With the bluest patterns, such skins are called Blue Gem and are highly valued in the community. In addition to the reference in the name, the sticker’s colour goes well with the blue colour of Case Hardened, which makes the crafts incredibly beautiful.

More to come! Look at the top of the sticker. Have you noticed anything? Something’s hidden in there. Scratch the Blue Gem (Glitter) sticker properly to unveil the number 661 on the upper part behind the diamond. It’s not just random numbers but a direct indication of the most valuable AK-47 Case Hardened Blue Gem pattern!

The 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule is the best in CS:GO. A whole bunch of stickers, half with easter eggs and hidden references. But stickers still need to be glued to something, right? To replenish your inventory with decent skins, visit CS.MONEY and get some. Thanks to filters, you can find the skin you need in a matter of seconds and immediately add it to your collection.


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