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The Most Expensive CS:GO Stickers

3 Mar. 2021

Stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can cost a fortune. Some of them have an eye-watering price. Today, CS.MONEY‘s going to tell you which stickers will cost you an arm and a leg and why. 

Katowice 2014 — up to $5000

If we were to pick the top 5 most expensive stickers, all five places would be occupied by team stickers from the 2014 Katowice Major. There are very few of these stickers, often as few as mere hundreds. The price tag is quite in line with that. A set of iBUYPOWER stickers has the price of a modern hatchback. 

We mentioned this team for a reason. One of the biggest fake match scandals in the history of Counter-Strike is connected with the club. iBUYPOWER left the scene after it, and now you can’t buy their stickers. 

Other stickers from that tournament are not less expensive. Vox EminorReason GamingTeam — these and other stickers from the Katowice Major cost hundreds and thousands of dollars each. 

LUCAS1 (Gold) Boston 2018 — up to $2000

Another extremely expensive sticker from a tournament, namely Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles’ gold autograph from the Major in Boston. The high price is determined by two factors here. First, gold stickers are very rare and cost a lot of money as such. 

The second factor is more curious though. At the time, LUCAS1 performed with 100 Thieves, but soon enough, the club disbanded the Brazilian squad and took a break in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an esports discipline. This resulted in a situation quite similar to the iBUYPOWER scenario. 

Howling Dawn — up to $1500

The M4A4 Howl among stickers — literally. It transpired both the sticker and the M4 skin had been plagiarized, and they were removed from the game. Except for the ones the players had on hand, of course. This is an extremely rare item. 

Before the stealing charge, this sticker dropped from Community Sticker Capsule 1. Although you can still get these capsules now — they cost around five bucks apiece — you can’t get Howling Dawn out of them. Only one of the other four exotic stickers. They cost quite a bit too: up to a hundred dollars, actually. Yet clearly, they don’t match up to Howling Dawn.  

Crown (Foil) — up to $500

Unlike the stickers above, this one isn’t connected to any scandal. It’s just a very rare sticker from a capsule that is worth almost $10. It’s in other ways that this sticker is interesting. It’s an object of hype. So much so that its cost creates a paradox. 

Of the 16 stickers in Sticker Capsule 2, only Crown (Foil) costs more than the capsule itself. This sticker is the real king that attracts attention and unfailingly causes a stir. Stupid Banana (Foil), its rival in terms of rarity in this capsule, costs 60 times less. Some crazy flex here.

And what sticker do you think should be the most expensive? Share your opinion in the comments! 

3 Mar. 2021

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